Behind The Never-Trump Figureheads

Posted July 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

You thought they hate Trump because of his personality,  – his bigger-than-life style,  – his personal branding? Nah!   What they hate is his non-conforming anti-globalist vision of America First!
Kasich at the IRI
Ohio’s nerdy governor John Kasich is a perfect example.  He’s at a much different ‘Republican Convention’ in Cleveland this week.

I try to keep these postings SHORT. This one may go a tad long.  Sorry, but these RiNOs are complicated…..

the IRIYou’ve never heard of the International Republican Institute,…have you?

They’re the folks holding that ‘other’ Republican Convention in Cleveland,  where John Kasich showed up to speak about ‘the dangers of nationalism’….

Translation:   The never-Trump folks are trying to brand him as the second coming of Hitler;  – someone likely to start wars and toss immigrants into concentration camps.

So when Trump says he’ll make decisions and deals “…based on what’s best for Americans”,…they shudder….

Teamwork. We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of global collaboration.

Sounds innocuous enough, right?  But there’s that word GLOBAL creeping into the discussion.

Folks,  the IRI is just one of many well-funded activist think-tanks operating legally – just below the radar,  to carry on the fight for internationalism and globalism.  They’ve enlisted some key political figures,…check their website.

They know they’re in a long-term battle – that it may take a few more generations of dumbed-down gullible voters who believe in concepts like global warming and green energy and the supremacy of International Law before they can haul down our flag.

Young voters – the ones playing Pokémon Go and Bernie Babes are easy pickings….


Not everybody who yearns for world peace is an enemy.  Some are just well-meaning useful idiots,  – pawns in the hands of the man behind the curtain.

Glance down this list of members:

Did you catch Senator John McCain’s name…?

THEN: look at their sponsors:

If that list of sponsors doesn’t alarm you, – nothing will!

Many peoples and many rulers have dreamed of ‘a perfect world’ – ruled by themselves of course, – – the Romans, the Mongols, the Muslims,…and of course the Japanese, Hitler, and then Lenin and Stalin,…and today the Chinese….

The problem is that they were all willing – some even eager – to kill millions to bring about their ‘worlds of perfect peace’….

So there was Governor Kasich – in Cleveland – at that other ‘Republican Convention’ – giving a speech about globalism and about how Ohio needs immigrants….because their population is stagnant….

Gee John,…did you ever consider those 25,+++ abortions per year in Ohio?  

If you weren’t killing American babies,  – you wouldn’t need to import Mexican peasants….

Folks, – this will be a long painful struggle for the minds and hearts of Americans.  Your kids are not being given the education they need to see the truth. 

Quite the opposite – they’re being fed propaganda – from day care through college.

Every left-leaning politician like Kasich they can enlist and use, – they win another little battle.  Like many others, Kasich believes he is a member of an ‘enlightened elite’.

That’s why so many RiNOs seem oblivious to the dangers poised by Hillary Clinton.   They ~ may ~ dislike her personally,  – but they’re in full agreement with her globalist views!

Every false argument they can throw up as a smoke screen hide their real purpose.

They are every bit as dangerous a ISIS,  the drug cartels,  or the Chinese,…because each little battle they win in their social war,….leaves us that much weaker to fend off the goons who are trying to kill us.

6 Responses to “Behind The Never-Trump Figureheads”

  1. Sherox

    Thank you for this information, Mike. I had not heard of IRI.

  2. Panther 6

    I also had not heard of IRI. I also used to be a fan of John K. Not anymore. His absence from the Convention convinced me that I am no longer enamored with him.

  3. Catherine

    “So there was Governor Kasich – in Cleveland – at that other ‘Republican Convention’ – giving a speech about globalism and about how Ohio needs immigrants….because their population is stagnant….”

    This is what happens everywhere as more-socialistic policies creep in. Birth rates drop *below* the replacement rate of (roughly) 2.1 children per woman of child-bearing age. Most of the European countries are so far below that rate – and have been for so many years – it’s frightening. No country has ever recovered from more than one generation below that rate with culture and economy both intact. Europe – unless they wake up NOW and fight back – is looking to become Eurostan under the crescent flag. Just based on birth rates before this latest invasion and rape-fest.

  4. Asusue

    What is Tom Cotton’s name doing on that list?!


    He’s fairly new in DC – the House in 2013, and now the Senate. May have been sucked in with campaign money – and never realized what he’d gotten into….

    How to buy a politician: Flattery, Money, Sex, Power,…and finally blackmail…

  5. MC

    Governor wasn’t that part of your job to promote your state with job growth etc to encourage folks to move to your state to live and work? Especially those that actually have the ability to add to that economic growth?

    The immigrants that he is talking about – I wonder if they are those refugees that the administration is forcing on the states? I doubt that he has checked the data on the work ability of those folks.

    Data indicates that only 3% of Syrian refugees are capable of entering the job force, because they can’t read or speak English.

    Those from Afghanistan come in a bit higher at 5% but those from Ethiopia,Sudan and Pakistan have 0% – Zero percentage of work ability.

    In other words,…his ‘facts’ are WRONG and his argument is FALSE!

  6. Kojack

    Even the democrat mayor of Cleveland stopped by briefly to say hello to the attendees at the RNC. Shows how little class these RiNO’s have.