“Because Some People Did Something”

Posted April 14th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Ilhan Omar – Congresswoman from Minneapolis has made quite a splash in DC and in the Media in her first 98 days in Congress.  She makes headlines almost as often as Ocasio-Cortez.

Omar is not the first Muslim we’ve had in Congress, so Americans better think long and hard before they vote in 2020.  By being naïve, – we are committing cultural suicide.

I tend to view Omar as a one-woman Jihad – on a mission of awareness, awakening, and motivating other young Muslims to seek office.  They will destroy our Young Republic from within – using our Constitution and our Courts,  – along with their gullible allies – the American Media.

Most Americans still know very little about Islam and the history of the Muslim conquests.  This is by design.  Worse,  – in your taxpayer-funded union-infested public schools,  Islam is portrayed in a positive light.

Somehow American teachers think telling American kids the truth about either ancient cultures or about socialism, communism, or Islam – would be too much for their tender minds to absorb.  That’s their cover story.

The truth is the teachers are dupes, and think they’re being politically and socially progressive, – so they tell kids the REAL ENEMY is ‘Global Warming’ – or ‘Climate Change’.

The real enemy are the hordes of 7th Century invaders who have ZERO intentions of becoming Americans, – and who belong to a cult-like “religion” which commands them to lie – in order to conquer and kill infidels.

Ilhan Omar is just following the teachings of her cult. There will be more.  After all,  Obama made it to the White House – without college grades or even a birth certificate.

Maybe your kids will have to learn how to play Cowboys & Muslims….

As the old saying goes, “The Camel’s nose is already under the tent…”

…because some people did something…”

How many time before Americans wake up and smell the Jihad?

First World Trade Canter Bombing

Empire State Building shooting


the shoe bomber

UNC Chapel Hill vehicle attack

Seattle Jewish Federation shooting

Times Square bombing

Little Rock Recruiting office

Fort Hood Shooting

the underwear bomber

Times Square car bombing

Portland Christmas Tree bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing

Seattle shootings

West Orange NJ shooting

Vaughan Foods beheading

Garland Texas shooting

Chattanooga Recruiting Station shooting

UCal Merced stabbings

Philadelphia police shooting

Ohio Restaurant machete attack

Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre

St Cloud Mall stabbing

NY / NJ Bombings

Ohio State vehicle attack

NYC Bike Path vehicle ramming

They have not come in peace – or to live among us in peace.

Arm yourself!  Be ready!

4 Responses to ““Because Some People Did Something””

  1. Walter Knight

    Cortez and Omar are the new faces and voices of the Democrat party. Let’s keep it that way.

  2. Kojack

    Awesome post, Mike! You covered it all! In case any of you snowflakes out think that this doesn’t describe at least 80% of mUSLIMS, when did you hear ANY of these “moderate muslims” condemning ANY OF THESE ATTACKS?!?!? As Mike said in the post THEY’VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE THE 7th CENTURY!! Wake the F up before it’s too late!

  3. panther 6

    Agree with Kojack. The moderate muslims do not condemn other muslim statements or acts because they fear if they ever win it will come back on them. And sadly for the most part most of them would prefer SHARIA and islamic ascendancy to Judeo-Christian and Western Law.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    The majority of Muslims are peaceful, but although only 15-25% are radical Muslims, that is 180-300 million that are dedicated to the destruction of Western Civilization.

    They always talk of the peaceful majority that are good people. Unfortunately, the peaceful majority is irrelevant. Remember 9/11? It only took 19 radical Muslims to destroy the World Trade Center and kill almost 3000 people.

    There are many Muslims who have every intention of carrying out the stated goal of Islam: to take over the world in the name of their religion. Unfortunately for us we have a few radical Muslims serving in our Congress. Hopefully, Americans will be wise enough to remember what their goals for our country truly are. We must VOTE THEM OUT before it is too late!