Because Democrats Forget The Words

Posted July 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Folks,….we just couldn’t make this stuff up….
Democrats Forget the words
Tonight the Democrats remembered to bring American flags,  but they weren’t sure if their people know the words….

One Response to “Because Democrats Forget The Words”

  1. Mt Woman

    Let’s be honest, my guess is that they didn’t even bring their own American Flags; the flags were given to them for the purpose of props for TV. Now we know what the Dems really think of America and its virtue–NOTHING.

    I just saw “Hillary’s America” yesterday afternoon. Truthfully, very frightful. To think that this cartel could get into the highest office in the land, possibly the world is beyond the pale–yet we only look to 8 and 4 years ago and realize that all things are possible.

    As Dinesh pointed out, Obama has truly changed America–it really only did take one man and a submissive system and electorate to accomplish this so quickly and thoroughly. SHAME–SHAME– to all who believe that Hillary and her ilk will do anything but advance the cartel and continue Obama’s third term.