Battleground Georgia: Handel vs Ossoff

Posted April 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The outside money poured in – $8,000,000+,   and it STILL wasn’t enough to garner the young Bernie Sanders Democrat enough to avoid a June 20th runoff.

The entire Democrat / Progressive / Socialist Party is determined to make this special election a ‘national referendum’ on Donald Trump.  These next 8 weeks will be pure political hell for the good folks around Atlanta, Roswell and Alpharetta.

DO THE MATH! $8 Million ÷ 90,732 votes = $88.17 per vote. That’s what the big Hollywood money bought – and it STILL wasn’t enough to give the young wannabe the 50% he needed to avoid a runoff.

The 11 Republicans together STILL got more than 50%. How much more money will Hollywood cough up to make their anti-Trump statement?

On his campaign website,  Ossoff brags about being “a congressional staffer working on military issues”  – but he avoids naming the exact Congress Critter he worked for. 

It was John Lewis – once a genuine Civil Rights hero,  – but who in recent years has gone off the rails….

A quick reading of Ossoff’s website reveals carefully worded and totally evasive position statements – and very vague credentials for holding high office.  It’s as if Bernie Sanders helped him with the writing.

He fully supports abortion and some sort of national health insurance,  – and he wants to back off prosecuting ‘non-violent’ drug dealers….

…and he has grotesquely inflated his ‘national security credentials’,….a sure sign of a new-era borderless one-world progressive.

By contrast,  Karen Handel is a real Trump Republican!

She’s got real hands-on government experience as Chair of the Fulton County Commission and later as Georgia’s Secretary of State.

She is pro-Life,  pro-WALL,  pro-Voter ID,  pro-2A,  pro-Military,  pro-Veteran,  and anti-ObamaCare.

Frankly,  the contest is between a child-like MoonBat and a responsible grown-up.

But the wealthy liberal elites and the Hollywood know-it-ALLs will be writing checks today to Ossoff.

We can only hope the voters in the Georgia 6th CD can keep calm and not fall for the Hollywood hype!

It will be interesting on June 21st to see how much Ossoff’s next votes cost – apiece!

10:14 PM Tuesday,  20 June 2017     Karen Handle Wins!

Hollywood liberal elites lose again!

5 Responses to “Battleground Georgia: Handel vs Ossoff”

  1. Catherine

    Here’s hoping (and praying) that the leftist vote-buying and fraud schemes all FAIL in June.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    I read one article that said Ossoff does not even live in the
    district he wants to “represent.” If that’s true it shows how
    low the Dems will go to steal another election.


    He lives w/ girlfriend near Emory University – the Northeast quadrant of Atlanta – well inside the beltway.

    State laws differ; – in Georgia he is not required to live in the district he represents….and Democrats wouldn’t enforce it anyway…

  3. Jim Gettens

    It’s true–Ossoff doesn’t even live in the district.

    The guy reminds me of Anthony Weiner…

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Top Democrat candidate: 48.3%
    Top 4 Republican candidates: 48.1%

    All Republican candidates: 50.9%
    All Democrat candidates: 49.2%
    Difference: 1.7%

    Now is not the time to be smug.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Unfortunately Chelsea Handler’s tweet was correct: early voting took place in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district from March 37 to April 14. 2017.