Barry & Honey Sherman: Arkancide?

Posted January 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Yet another cautionary tale about why smart people avoid doing any business with the Clintons.  Back on December 15th, – when the bodies were found hanging by their indoor pool, – it was dismissed as a “sad murder-suicide”.

Now Toronto Police are calling it murder – by a team of killers.

Who would want the deaths of Barry (age 75) and Honey (age 70) to look like a simple murder-suicide – and have the police conclude their write-up?

Enter the Clintons,  and their rip-off ‘charity’ the Clinton Global Initiative….

It seems Barry donated a huge amount of generic drugs to them – allegedly for use in Haiti, Rwanda, and last year in Puerto Rico….

…and somehow before the year was over,…this charitable elderly couple were suddenly the target of (random goons) (a hit team)…?


If you’ve EVER done business with the Clintons…

you’re in DANGER!

If you’re DOING business with the Clintons…

you’re in DANGER!

If you’re elderlyyou need a couple of reliable GUNS at home!

Robert Mueller,  Jim Comey,  Andrew McCabe,  Loretta Lynch,…are you paying attention?   Remember the Clinton hit teams take out the spouses too!

Remember Folks,…in the end…Al Capone went to prison for TAX EVASION!

When dealing with the Clintons – no good deed is what it seems!

2 Responses to “Barry & Honey Sherman: Arkancide?”

  1. Panther 6

    The list of mysterious deaths tied one way or another to the Clinton’s would choke an elephant! They are a crime syndicate unto themselves and they continue to get away with it. SAD.

    Watch the FOX special ongoing about the Clinton’s and their criminal cartel. The truth would choke a maggot.

  2. Catherine

    These evil people will have SO very much to answer for. It may LOOK like they’re getting away with it – but in the end, NO ONE’s evil deeds escape judgement.