Barrett CONFIRMED! Promises KEPT!

Posted October 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Trump had just finished doing three (3) MAGA rallies today. 

5 Responses to “Barrett CONFIRMED! Promises KEPT!”

  1. Jim Buba

    It has been a long, painful journey since 1969, so now I look forward to actually turning the bus around to find that turn we missed.

    There’s a Swamp that needs draining.

  2. Kojack

    PRESIDENT TRUMP is so thoughtful, that was the PERFECT birthday gift for the HILDEBEAST.

  3. Varvara

    Yeah!!! She is smart and young and will be with us for many years.

  4. Ben

    A brilliant judge, a brilliant pick

  5. Leonard Mead

    Smiling down —

    possibly from being MURDERED?

    Len Mead