Posted July 28th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Gee,  that didn’t take long – barely six months.  America’s new God-King is slowly but surely revealed as a surly mortal,  with a racist perspective, a short temper, and a socialist agenda.

Just weeks ago the Press and the Media were full of glowing comparisons between Obama’s First Hundred Days and those of FDR, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, and even Bubba.  No such rapture marks his six-month calendar.  Instead the Internet is alive with lists of his daily / weekly blunders.  How can so much fawning adulation have so quickly evaporated?

The Obama Façade is a lesson in modern political architecture.  If you plan to build a temple around a mere mortal, and expect people to actually become part of an enduring cult, – it is best that your chosen god-king have some actual substance, – and some truly worship-worthy qualities.  Giving gods work better for this than demanding gods.

Granted, the hard-core Obama-Cultists haven’t wavered, yet.  In their old age many will die still steeped in worship of their rock-star Man-God-King, never admitting his shortfalls, and forever believing in the absolute certainty of Hope, Change, and “Yes we can!”  In a fragile, sad way they should be glad they didn’t get caught up in the Hale-Bopp cult instead, – although given the damage of the Obama presidency,  America and the World would have been better off if they had.

But now across our Land adults who’d voted like mesmerized robots in November are awakening to some very scary realities.  Many are unemployed, and many more have seen their humble personal investments squashed.  They watched in utter fascination as Congress pushed through a series of Trillion Dollar “rescue” measures – all without ever READING the words.  Trillions should have produced actual miracles, – but there is nothing to see, – nothing to hold, – and the growing suspicion that those Trillions found their way into unholy pockets.  ACORN and the SEIU come to mind.

Discerning ObamaBelievers were chagrin that their Chosen One had such a slender Rolodex, – and that so many of his nominees to high office came with embarrassingly avoidable tax and ethics problems.  If Obama was “Change”, – how come so many of his new minions were Carter and Clinton retreads, – including a suddenly cowed and humbled Hillary herself?

Obama himself wasted little time thrusting himself onto the World Stage, – like a rock star, – with his World Apology Tour.  But somewhere between Cairo, Moscow, Normandy, and Ghana, his continual stream of apology for “All of America’s Past Sins” began to annoy and then anger Americans, – even as foreign audiences quietly mocked his naïveté.  Here at home, many WWII Veterans and their families were outraged and disgusted.  Clearly Obama wasn’t mindful of their Herculean sacrifice in saving the world from Fascist Socialism.

And that very word – Socialism – began seep into the brains of ObamaDolts who’d previously scoffed at it.  Many had to actually Google it – – Government take-over of banks, insurance companies, auto-makers, . . . damn, that did start to look like Socialism.  Oops, damn,  – government ownership IS socialism!  Some banks hurriedly paid back their “bailouts”.

Obama’s appointment of over twenty “Czars” didn’t do much to hide the image of pervasive and massive federal control of our lives.  Obama shrugged unapologetically; he apologizes for America, not for himself.

Throughout 2008 our “mainstream” American Press and Media had practically worked hand-in-hand with George Soros to cheerlead the election of The MEssiah.  They’d overlooked and under reported every character flaw, every missing public record, school record, legal writing or source of income.  They buried any story about His possible Kenyan birth, Saudi funded travels to Pakistan, – or foreign payments of college and law school tuition. [Contrast this with 2004 when a desperate Dan Rather had produced forged documents allegedly proving that GW had missed a few drills with the Texas Air Guard.] A dozen high-profile radicals and convicted criminals among his houseguests?  Not a story!  Reverend Wright?  Oh, that silly old man, – not a story!

So the Press remained cozy, even as pResident Obama gave a series of staged press conferences. Imagine their chagrin as readership evaporated, and once-mighty mastheads fell.  Oops, did they miss an important story somewhere?

Now there were groups of fervent ObamaCons who were also becoming frustrated.  The Neo-Libs were sure that by late February or March there would be trials of GW, Cheney, Rumsfeldt, Generals Frank, Sanchez, and others.  And certain GLBT backers were equally anxious for The MEssiah to authorize Gay Pride parades at Parris Island and fag parties in the barracks.  When these things didn’t happen, – they began venting outrage.  Like many Obama supporters along His Way, – they learned the full meaning of expendability.  They had been used to garner votes, – and promptly discarded.  What did they expect?  Obama can’t bow to the Wahhabi King and still sanction open gayness in the ranks.

Also loyal to Obama were the late-night comedians.  Just as Obama continued to fly about in Air Force One – still campaigning against George Bush, – the comedians oblige him a full eight months after the campaign by still telling jokes about John McCain’s age, and Sarah Palin’s view of Russia.  But of course nearly-bankrupt General Electric hopes to reap massive rewards from ObamaCare.

And then came one of History’s Little Accidents of Timing – the predictably tragic death of Pop Idol Michael Jackson.  Many ObamaCons were distracted from their daily worship as they suddenly needed to deify Jackson.  And comparisons were inevitable.  Jackson was the self-absorbed, totally weird, child-loving rock star who lived in secrecy, isolation, and drugs, and who clearly hated being Black but loved being on stage.   Obama is the totally self-absorbed Socialist rock star who’s past life is held in absolute secrecy, who clearly hates being even half-white, but who loves being on center stage.  The similarities and weirdnesses of their lives was inescapable.

As media attention and worshipful eyes turned to Hollywood and the Jackson Clan, – one could almost hear the oxygen being sucked out of the Obama Legislative Freight Train.  Cap & Trade was stalled on the tracks, and Free Medical was in immediate danger of being derailed.

So which is it?  ObamaCare, Health Insurance Reform, Free Medical for Everyone, or Socialized Medicine?  For most of June and July the name changed depending on who was speaking, – Obama, Pelosi, Waxman, MoveON, the lobbying groups, the AMA, the SEIU, Press Secretary Gibbs, David Axelrod, or Rahm Emanuel’s nutty brother.  With over a thousand pages in each of several House versions, – once again it was clear that nobody in Congress had actually read the legislation, – and that not one of them had any idea of how to pay for it.   Finally a group of Blue Dog Democrats dug in their heels, and said “Not so Gawd-damned fast!”  Republicans for once were standing firm.  And with The MEssiahs Grand Socialization Plan hanging in the balance, – The One staged yet another prime-time press conference.

Perhaps The MEssiah was tired, – perhaps he’d grown so accustomed to lecturing a fawning Press and a fawning Public, – that he just didn’t prepare.  But His Press Conference was lame – the Free Medical / Insurance Reform just wasn’t selling that night.   I think he knew it, as in desperation he took that famous one last question . . .

You know the one – about the arrest of his Harvard buddy, Professor Gates.  The one where he admitted he didn’t know the facts, – but declared that the Cambridge Police had acted “Stupidly”.  A presidency undone and a latent racist revealed in a single short answer, – an answer which came not from a President’s brain, – but from deep within the bitter belly of a lifelong race-hating Black man.  It will forever be His Presidential Moment! 

George Soros and the Obama puppet-masters should have known their Manchurian Candidate was deeply flawed.  Perhaps they did, – but could find no other as spell-binding.  They are stuck with him just as we Americans are.  They will attempt to repair the façade, – but by now a LOT of Americans have seen the pieces lying in the street. We have seen our pResident not as the post-racial healer, – but as an angry black man – who will always suspect cops of racism – even lacking the facts of the case.  He fooled a lot of us, – but not all of us.

Suddenly Americans want their congressional delegates to read the frikkin laws they vote on, – and they are far less willing to see Trillions spent in the name of “Change”, “Hope”, or “Yes we can!”.  OBummer is still a VERY dangerous and vindictive man, but the next three and a half years of His pResidency will be bitter and uncomfortable.  It will now be more carefully scrutinized.  Queen Michelle will be a real Bitch to live with or even be around. Faithful temple maidens will fall away, and some will tell tales.

And all the while,  OBummer will be dogged about “Where’s the birth certificate?” 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


  1. Dave

    Working michael jackson in there made me have an image
    of Øbama on the balcony, dangling a baby United States over the rail.

  2. DannaMarineMom

    Good writing, Sir. One small detail – Paris, France, Parris Island. Ooh-Rah!

  3. Vince Collaso

    Rant, rant, and even more rant!
    Find something else to do, will
    you please?

  4. Rabid Republican

    We’ll stop ranting when we take our country back. When the interloper leaves office. When we die. Don’t hold your breath! rr