Baltimore Is A Fast-Dying City

Posted July 27th, 2017 by Iron Mike

This is Day # 208 in 2017, and they’ve already had 200 murders.   So of course the City Council is blaming “guns”,  and passing new unconstitutional laws “to keep them off the streets”.

So there was a mini-riot in the Council Chambers.

The Progressive’s plot to destroy America from within is best depicted in big urban centers like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  Family structure has been shattered,  unwed teen mothers raise welfare babies on EBT cards,  and young men are in gangs – where they end up dead or in prison….

…and everybody blames “Guns!”

Baltimore cannot survive another generation of this.

America cannot survive two more generations of this,  PLUS illegal immigration,  PLUS Muslim extremism,  PLUS the Democrat Party!

Blaming White people, – and repeatedly voting for Black politicians and hiring Black police chiefs doesn’t help halt White Flight,  – and it doesn’t restore the integrity of the Black Family.

Nor does it do a thing to restore any credibility to a high school diploma from a city school controlled by union teachers.

When high school grads cannot fill out a simple job application,  – they become gang members pushing drugs – or welfare mothers raising the next generation of plantation voters.

Do you think the remaining 614,000 people of Baltimore understand that their representatives in Congress are doing their best to stop Trump’s wall,  – and stop deportations,  – – which allows illegals to keep taking any jobs available…?

Or,…will they always vote “Democrat” all their lives anyway?

4 Responses to “Baltimore Is A Fast-Dying City”

  1. Catherine

    The EVIL perpetrated on urban blacks by dhimmicrat politicians over the last decades is horrific.

    At least – back in the days when dems openly supported the vile kkk – the blacks knew the dems were AGAINST them! But now the leftists come mouthing platitudes and expressing false sympathy – while systematically DESTROYING families, communities, culture, education, et cetera, all the while calling those of us who see the devastation and work against it the “racists.”

    Some day they WILL be called to account for their evil actions. And I would NOT want to be numbered among their ranks when they face Him.

  2. Integrity 1st

    I want to share this, but wonder if there is a legend to accompany the map above?


  3. Raymond Smithson

    Amerikkka has been made a shit hole by the DNC, and rino RNC members.

  4. Walter Knight

    Black America voting 96% Democrat shows they are lost to pandering from the Left.