Baker LIED : Scott Lively SHOWED UP!

Posted July 31st, 2018 by Iron Mike

Scott Lively isn’t a politician.  He rambles a bit,  – but he tells the TRUTH and he keeps promises.

Baker (Faker) IS a politician – a slimy one.  His word is WORTHLESS!

In early 2014 then-candidate Baker promised (in front of witnesses) to sit down with me for an interview.

At the time he was leading Mark Fisher in the polls,  – and would presumably face Martha Coakley in November.

But taking no chances – he, Chocolate Pants, and the Mouseketeer ran a crooked MassGOP Convention, where unwanted ballots were shredded and fresh ones appeared “as if by magic”…

Fisher was denied a spot on the September Primary Ballot, – sued – and won.

Baker – essentially a Democrat pretending to be a RiNO,  – learned little – and ran another crooked convention this year.

This year it’s Scott Lively suing him.

This morning as promised,  Lively showed up – on time and ready to answer questions.  Unlike Charlie Faker,  – Lively doesn’t squirm over tough questions about sensitive issues.

We’d already met briefly at a Groton meet-&-greet,  so we got down to business discussing his readiness to be Governor,  and his views on issues.

He was open, direct, and if anything inclined to ramble on… (He’ll work on that.) What he lacks in “government experience” he more than makes up with candor,   openness, willingness to listen,  and…he learns quickly.

He fully understands how evil and corrupt the MassGOP is.

He understands that one election cannot fix Massachusetts Government.  He knows that if elected he’ll face the same daily left-wing shit on Beacon Hill that Trump is facing in DC,  – and he’s willing to bear that burden.

BUT,  unlike Trump,  – he’ll be able to use the Line Item VETO!

Think about THIS Voters:

What company – planning to bring a factory with 1,000 jobs  – back to the USA from China or India,…

….would seriously consider putting it in Massachusetts,  with our Socialist Legislature and our FAKE RiNO Governor?

7 Responses to “Baker LIED : Scott Lively SHOWED UP!”

  1. Integrity 1st

    I was naïve, I really liked him the first round. After my first time experience at the convention when I sat there with my jaw open relative to all the corruption I saw, I thought for sure Baker would denounce what occurred there and everybody involved would be fired. Nope, I guess it was all orchestrated by Baker And his cronies as you so often name. But I drag people to the polls regardless because the alternative was Marsha Coakley. When Baker couldn’t do that for us when the alternative iwas Hillary Clinton, Not to mention The highest office told her in Massachusetts and lanky the bell for the highest office in the country/world, I could not have been more disgusted. If Lively wasn’t running, I was going to vote for a Democrat no matter how bad they were so that my non-boat for Baker would count twice. God bless Lively for running

  2. 3Percent

    Dr. Lively is the best choice for Governor. Charlie Faker has made Mass weak. And he is a disgraceful anti American liberal, liberalism is a disease. Scott Lively is the cure, he loves all people no matter what anyone says. They will lie and say, LIVELY HATES GAY PEOPLE. Not true, just do a little research, he has said and I quote, ‘I want to see them repent and be saved’ just listen to his sermons, Scott loves people and he is a true American patriot who shares the same attitude as our founding fathers.

  3. Kojack

    MASS-HOLES are only concerned with what letter is next to the name, even if they are in the higher income brackets!

    Tall Duval was elected because most republicans, myself included, thought that he had ample business experience and didn’t know how much of a RiNO he truly is and simultaneously, the MASS-HOLES were too busy with their Obama phones and other free stuff (un-motivated) to come out and vote for “Marsha”.

    Fortunately for Scott Lively, he’ll get nearly 100% of the conservative republican vote and there are lot of “independents” who will give him serious consideration, even if most of them do vote for DEMOCRAPS 90% of the time.


    If Charlie losses the primary I would hate to be one of the coward RINO’s running for office that either backed him or sat on the fence. All these RINO’s time and treasure will be for nothing, and they know this. That’s why they tell the lies that Dr. Lively is not electable. Don’t believe there lies vote for who you know in your heart is the best candidate.Conservative voters are so angry with Baker about his liberal governing these past three and a half years. Then to not vote for Trump in the general election against Hillary really puts salt in the wound. Republicans and independents need to vote for Scott Lively September 4th. Don’t listen to the RINO’s lies. Not only can Scott win, but we conservatives can take back our party from these RINO’s too.

  5. Clinton ma Tea party

    Chicken Charlie is terrified of Lively. Charlie is scarred to even debate Lively. Also the mass Gop puts out polls for Governor where they mention Baker and every Democrat but leave Lively name out of the polls.

  6. Sherox

    There will be more of this going on here in Massachusetts with businesses closing and the corruption in the party.

  7. Sherox

    More evidence of the problems.