Bad News Day For Martha Coakley

Posted January 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

G'Bye Bubba!

Brown Leads Coakley:  51%46%

I think the stage was set Saturday night as Bill Clinton escaped from a half-empty room of tepid Coakley Democrats through a huge crowd of Brown Supporters…

Maybe it was the image of Obama – sans necktie – here to speak to an undersized crowd including many paid union members. 

Maybe it was the juxtaposed images of Obama sending those two “relief wizards” – Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – to oversee Haitian earthquake relief, – while he came to Northeastern University to endorse and plead for a corrupt and inept AG – whom he’d NEVER met…so he brought his teleprompters.

Maybe it was Obama’s snide campaigning against Scott’s pickup truck

Rhode Island’s perpetually drunk Rep. Patrick Kennedy [Ted’s chip-off-the-old-block] could have used a teleprompter,  – he kept calling her “Marcia”.  Take another sip Pat – that’s the Camelot most of us remember.

Maybe it was the huge crowd of TEA Partiers waiting to boo him in Boston, – while a huge overflow crowd couldn’t even squeeze into the Scott Brown event in Worcester…

But as Martin Luther King Day open with a fresh show storm on Massachusetts,  Martha Coakley has sunk another percentage point in the most recent poll. 

Overnight her crews were at work – the usual dirty tricks stuff – using the cover of a snowstorm to steal Scott Brown lawn signs.  We await tomorrow’s expected 70% turnout [10% have already voted] knowing that there is a small army of SEIU, MoveON, Organizing for America, and ACORN goons on their way to “help” Democrats.  And they need “help” because…?

History will be made tomorrow – either way.  A complacent sleeping electorate is beginning to stir,  and they’re not liking the socialists who took over their country while they slept.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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