Bad Judgment Maura Healey Rides Again

Posted October 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

She’s got a track record of picking the losing sides,  and of suing big names to make big headlines – on our dime!

Now she’s suing President Trump for rolling back another of Obama’s illegal executive orders.   At issue?  She’s demanding “FREE birth control for everybody!”

I’ve read our Constitution a few (hundred) times – and never found such words as ‘health care’ or ‘birth control’ anywhere in it.  And nothing to imply that GOVERNMENT is tasked with providing such luxuries to the Citizens.

Back in 1787 – Citizens were assumed to be self-supporting,  responsible,  contributing members of their communities;  not lifetime leeches sucking on the Taxpayers teat….

But such self-sufficient self-supporting Citizens tend to be independent,  wary of politicians, own guns,  and be hard to ‘govern’. 

So over 100 years ago the Progressive (Socialist / Communist) Movement began their work of softening both the brains and the backbones of our people.  

They started in the schools – and the media.

By 2008 they’d largely succeeded in dumbing down and brainwashing the electorate with something called White Guilt – and a ‘Victim Mentality’,  – and weakened generations of others to expect to live out their lives on EBT cards while breeding generations of Government-Dependent Democrat voters on inner-city plantations.

Last November the Progressives got a shock.   Their work wasn’t finished,  – there were still plenty of American Patriots who wanted LESS Government and MORE Individual Freedom.

So the various slave-masters across our land resorted to their embedded corps of Progressive Judges,  – they began a series of lawsuits to thwart President Trump,  – EVEN if it meant letting in Islamic Terrorists.

Neil Gorsuch handed them an ugly surprise.  But they persist.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura (openly very lesbian) is today suing the President – because he dared roll back Obama’s illegal executive order,  – one which FORCED employers to provide certain birth control pills – despite their religious objections to abortion and birth control.

Obama’s order forced them to issue the pills FREE.

Trump’s roll-back said they don’t have to.  His rollback is expected to protect some 200 employers across the land – many religious schools and hospitals.

But Progressives like Maura look at any and all additions to the list of Government provided / Government-mandated “FREE STUFF” as having the stature of “A HUMAN RIGHT”.

And any Republican trying to trim that list must by definition be ‘inhumane’ and ‘EVIL’.

It would appear – given how quickly after Trump signed the order she sued,  – that Maura isn’t worried about squandering our tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits;  – she just wants the publicity.

Too bad our gutless RiNOcrat governor is cowering in his corner office,  and not putting a stop to her activity by cutting off her funds.

But Baker – who used his teenage daughter in a campaign video talking about abortion,  – may want the girl to have her supply of free birth control pills.  Sick!

Hey Maura, how’d that lawsuit against Trump’s terrorist immigration ban work out for you…?

Maura may have ~ thought ~ that President Hillary would be giving her Ginsburg’s seat about now….

4 Responses to “Bad Judgment Maura Healey Rides Again”

  1. Kojack

    Mike great synopsis of how our noble republic was hijacked. Unfortunately because the population were more or less complicit in the take-over I think the Trump presidency is just a speed-bump in the road to socialism judging by all the MORONS who supported Bernie in spite of what happened in Greece and presently Venezuela.

  2. Panther 6

    I sure hope Kojack is wrong that the current WH occupant is only a speed bump in the way of the socialist/progressive train! The people were/are mad and Trump is their agent of change. There are others out the also who can carry on have a chance to make changes real and permanent and they are not all old white men: Sheriff David Clark, former Congressman Allen West, even Senator Marco Rubio although he may be suspect at times.

    We every day American conservatives just need to fight off the likes of Hillary, Sanders, Peeloosely,,,,etc.

  3. Adam R.

    Kojack, the “woe is me” mindset is of no help. It does nothing for conservatives. Did Trump win by feeling sorry for America’s future?

    Ask yourself this question. What is one of Trump’s symbols?

    The wall.

    If a leader has his mind set on a wall, then he has the mindset of a wall when it comes to the evils that face our nation. Unflinching, strong and bold. President Trump has no intention of being a speed bump on the road to a Greece-like state. Everything he does serves a purpose. He plays the long game. He plays to win.

    This is why he won. He is changing the minds of people as he goes along. Young people not yet old enough to vote will see what value our country is with him at the helm. The Bernies, Lizzies and Maxines will be relegated to the fringes.

    That is the reality. Embrace it.

  4. Kojack

    Panther/Adam – I’m not one to sit on a pity pot. I WILL CARRY ON TO THE BITTER END, REGARDLESS! Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a DEFIANT S-O-B! TOO MANY HAVE SACRAFICED FOR US JUST TO GIVE UP!

    But I’m also REALISTIC. Being the QUEEN OF DENIAL or OVERLY OPTIMISTIC will not make the problem go away or alter the outcome. Between the RiNO’s, DEMOCRAPS, UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRAPS and the BRAINWASHED PC MILLENIALS it MAY well be too late to save this republic once the PATRIOTIC, HISTORICALLY LITERATE baby boomers have passed on. I SINCERELY HOPE AND PRAY THAT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

    I know it sounds un-American but I think the best way to ensure the survival of the U.S.A. in the way the founders intended is to do what Pinochet did in Chile. It could be justified just in the BLATANT AND ARROGANT MANNER that the ruling class has exempted themselves from the law.

    If the useful idiots succeed in starting a revolution that could be our opportunity.