Back Off You Hypocrites!

Posted December 16th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Spree Killer Adam LanzaGuns didn’t kill those kids in Sandy Hook; – a perverted twisted sick spree killer did!

Of course the PRESS wants to focus on the GUNS!  “We’ve GOT to get serious about gun control – too many kids are getting killed!”

Easy solutions spouted by simple minds to make you feel good. 

Hey Hypocrites – let’s look at some FACTS:

In a country with 270,000,000 legal civilian firearms, some 80,000 people are killed each year.  More than half of these are suicides.

Shall We Ban Cars

Last year 32,310 died in highway accidents.  In 2010 over 1.41 million drunk drivers were arrested – about half were repeat offenders.
Drunk Driving Arrests

Massachusetts is notorious for liberal judges letting drunks off easy.  Several State legislators are attorneys who specialize in drunk-driver defense.

In 2010,  211 kids were killed in drunk driving crashes, 131 of them riding with the drunk.  STILL want to round up guns?

3300 per day

Each year in this country about 1,300,000 babies are murdered – by abortion.

That’s about 3,562 per DAY!  Still think GUNS are EVIL?

The gun is a piece of forged and machined metal.  It is inert.  It has no eyes, no brain, and no trigger finger.

80,000,000 Americans own at least one gun.  We own them for self-protection against thugs and intruders, for sport, for nostalgia [there are millions of antique guns], and as our last line of defense against an overbearing and dictatorial government.

You may chose to be unarmed.  You assume the risks that go with that.

IN CHINA – where guns are unavailable, spree killers use knives, – in schools, in the workplace, on public streets, and in shopping areas and marketplaces.  Do some honest research damn-it!

Do not be a hypocrite by forcing your anti-gun phobia on honest American patriots – whose legal ownership of firearms keeps you safe and free.Fighting Back

IMAGINE – if just ONE of those dead teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary had been armed!

If you want to PROTECT INNOCENT KIDS – insist on full enforcement of drunk driving laws, pedophilia laws, and work to end abortion!

Insist on truth-in-sentencing and mandatory minimumseven for minors who commit crimes with guns!

Banning and/or rounding up 270 million guns is impossible.  This government can’t even round up 11 million illegals – each one bigger and harder to conceal than a gun.

ONE POSITIVE STEP,…sure to infuriate the very same liberal wimps who want somebody else to go round up guns, – – would be for America to stop trying to ‘mainstream’ their severely mentally disturbed youth.

Some say 1 in 5 Americans have ~ some ~ level of mental illness….

11 Million are considered severe….

Over 8 million have ‘considered’ suicide….

How many of these brain-damaged people are the offspring of youthful drug users?

Our PROBLEM is not guns, but the number of brain-damaged people being allowed to wander unattended through our population – as if they were ‘normal’.

Let’s talk about rounding up the dangerous mentally ill persons walking free among us.  We can toss ’em in the clink with the repeat drunk drivers.

One FINAL THOUHT Hypocrites, – if Adam Lanza had been taken into custody – as was James Eagan Holmes – who killed 12 people in a theater in Aurora, Colorado;  – Connecticut – or Massachusetts – would be stuck with him for life.

We and 15 other states have NO DEATH PENALTY!

A little more hypocrisy:  Career criminal Dwayne Moore robs a home in Mattapan in 2010 – looking for drugs and cash.  He marches five people outside – executes four of them – including a 2-yr old – in the street [one survives in a wheelchair].  Since this is Massachusetts he just gets life

10 Responses to “Back Off You Hypocrites!”

  1. Tom

    This sick young adult was not receiving proper care. Is he responsible, or are the divorced parents. The weapons that he stole from the Mother’s house were reported to be a Glock, Sig Sauer and an AR 15. The medical examiner stated that the killing were with a rifle, but the AR 15 was in the trunk of the car. Therefor, all victims were shot with pistols. Why the lie?
    Could it be to feed the ban of assault rifles?

    – – – – –
    There may have been four (4) weapons Tom….

  2. MC

    Every state has ten of thousands of rape kits that have been sitting in property storage rooms for years and have never been tested. A country who can find billions to spend on turtle tunnels, pig odors, field mice and a list of ridiculous grants that go on and on can’t find the money to test these kits to save the lives of many victims of serial killers and rapists. Wonder what the actual number of children who are victims of these sexual predators.


    The fact that he shot his mother in the face tells me he wanted her to be gone, obviated. I believe they might have had a very big argument that morning. She wouldn’t give him the key/combination to the safe and so he took out his frustrations on her. He probably knew where the key/combination was.

    Earlier in the week he tried to purchase a rifle. They would not sell him one. Obviously gun control worked then. I doubt that MSM will play up that story.

    Ask yourself why the parents were divorced. Why did the older son go to live with the father? Perhaps this had been brewing for sometime.

    The mother and father and her brother were all avid hunters. And her brother was a police officer. Cops use Glocks and Sig Sauers. Now, divorced and living way down the driveway, where you can’t see the house, I’ll bet the brother convinced the mother she needed protection.

    None of this answers the question of why didn’t they get help for this young man……

    Lastly; during holiday time there are many people who commit suicide. They do this at home and at malls.

  4. Joey

    hey, As long as these white loonies stick to killing other whites, I have NO problem at all with it!

    – – – –
    From IP – Fayetteville, NC

  5. Kojack

    VARVARA, Lanza’s mother was shot while she slept and did not even have the guns in a safe; if she had this may not have happened. Also Adam was in an altercation with the school principle and 3 other officials the day before….someone should have seen this coming…..too much faith in the nanny state instead of taking personal responsibility for their own protection.

    JOEY, You are a dispicable lowlife; I hope you can be neutralized before you hurt some innocent person you F-ing coward.

  6. Bilda Johan

    “Shall we ban cars too?”
    We need cars. We don´t necessary need rifles.

    – – – – – – –
    Bilda writes to us from Sweden – where there has been only one school shooting.

    So Bilda – you’re willing to surrender your guns – because you trust your neighbors – and your government?

    What happens when one of your neighbors wants your car?

    What happens when your government wants your car?

    How much of your liberty, your freedom, and your property are you willing to surrender?

  7. Walter Knight

    It’s disappointing when I see Joe Scarborough, who calls himself a Republican, think that gun ownership is a hunting issue.

    There are a LOT of FAKE Republicans out there Walter….

    Scarborough is playing ‘Republican’ for the job – nothing else….



    Thank you for the correction. How can anyone leave guns out, not in a safe. Surely she could afford one. You are spot on, someone should have seen this coming.

    0bama shortchanged the security in schools. He took back some of the money allocated for staff.

    Some schools in NYC have the students go through a metal detector.

  9. sakara

    This is a h.p. lovecraft horror story—-with guns: new england inbreeding, isolation, craziness.

    the kid was starting to get a rondo hatton face—maybe cause of fragileX, a genetic disease involving mental illness and elongated face (which h.p. lovecraft kinda had too).

  10. Annie

    The root of the problem lies in schools where efforts are not made to make every individual feel included, which usually leads to these shootings. However I believe that there are horrifying individuals who do these things and no amount of love and care in the school can help. Gun control needs to be enforced.


    WHAT ‘gun control’ Annie?

    Enforcement? We routinely let gun offenders off with light sentences. Minors get their records sealed. Well-off white middle class [like the Lanzas] can afford many attorneys.

    More kids were shot in our inner cities last friday than at Sandy Hook – but theMedia and the pResident said nothing about them! BTW, most of the inner city kids were killed with hnadguns…

    Are you writing as a gun owner, or someone who has never even fired a gun?