Back In April 2009 – Who Knew?

Posted April 3rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

RRB began in the frustrating weeks following the election of the America-hating Muslim Obama, – when it became clear that the RiNO-dominated Acton Republican Town Committee was led by self-serving pussified political cowards,  – fearful of ‘offending’ the town’s Democrat Party leaders.

We needed a platform to tell the Truth as we were seeing it unfold. The RiNOs were more concerned with ‘congeniality’ as they played Bridge with their Democrat neighbors.

The Democrats were smirking as they took their money at Bridge – and at Town Meetings…

As American Patriots were forming local TEA Parties, these pussified RiNOs found them far more offensive and disturbing than the gun-grabbing global communists who were arrogantly running the town and the schools,  – raising taxes to pay for granite curbing,  multi-million dollar sidewalks,  and LGTBQ days in the schools.

Those first few years were a steep learning curve.  The surprise election of Scott Brown over the entitled Martha Coakley shocked the local Democraps,  and lulled Republicans into believing the worst was over.  Hardly!

Brown immediately let media flattery go to his head – saw himself as the 2012 or 2016 Presidential Candidate, – and abandoned all the “Republican” positions he’d run on.

Worse, he turned his back on the TEA Party – even making derogatory statements about them. The TEA Party folks saw through him, turned their backs on him in 2012,  – and today Shrieking Squaw is the Senior US Senator from MassHole.

Frankly – she was aided and abetted by the RiNO-dominated MassGOP – under a series of anti-Republican FAKE Republican chairs – Party Chair Barbie, Runty Maginn, and the gun-phobic Mouseketeer, all wire-guided by Chocolate Pants.

Who knew….that Obama would be re-elected in 2012 – after the Benghazi Massacre,  – that the Deep State would spend 4+ years trying to sabotage Trump,….or that they could and would rig thousands of voting machines to elect our National Village Idiot – the incoherent Dementia Patient…..with a genuine actual whore as his sidekick?

The 2016 election of Donald Trump over the murderous Hillary Clinton should have been no surprise to anybody who attended a Trump Rally that year.

The media hacks were more heartbroken than the Democrats; – they already had a year’s worth of ‘First Woman President’ stories on their hard drives.

Life began to return to normal.  Employment went up and gas prices dropped.

Many in the TEA Parties and in the Republican Party took a deep breath and relaxed.  BIG MISTAKE!

The Deep State insiders and the Chinese Communists were already working on ways to steal the 2020 election. It would be an all-out campaign featuring germ warfare and hacked voting machine, – and several million untraceable mail-in ballots.

As you read this,  the 2022 midterms are already being rigged.

At RRB we pause to reflect on these past 12 years, and thank all who helped us along the way – most specifically the original “Rabid Republican” Jim Etwein.

There were so many others,…and over the years too many of them went Home to Jesus; Gilroy, O’Mara, Laurens, Neiber. We miss their patriotism and their insightful comments. They all tried to make our world a better, more honest place.

We believe that China Joe’s time in the Oval Office is limited; – that he’ll soon be writing his memoirs from the Presidential Suite at Walter Reed,  while Vice President Kneepads is sworn in as POTUS #47.

As we soldier on,…let us be clear on a couple of key issues:

China intends to dominate the World,  and is doing a great job of winning using OUR MONEY and OUR STOLEN TEHNOLOGY.

OUR GREATEST DOMESTIC ENEMIES are the millions of subversive and poorly educated union school teachers and college professors who are hell-bent on brainwashing our kids. They’ve been doing it for over 60 years.

PROOF?    If you don’t know the causes,  key battles,  or outcomes of the Russo-Japanese War, – to include where it was settled,  – YOU ARE A VICTIM!

If you don’t know the three (3) major causes of friction among the Great Powers leading up to World War One, – you were ROBBED of a decent education.

If you cannot explain how first the French, – then the USA,  – lost in Southeast Asia,  – AND WHY IT MATTERS TODAY,  you really shouldn’t be voting.

You weren’t given a sufficiently adequate education to be an informed voter;  – you were fed a bowl full of pablum,  – then handed a worthless certificate during a Kabuki Theater Graduation Ceremony.

And it’s still happening today to your kids and grandkids….and you’re paying sky-high property taxes for these treasonous teachers to sell their poison.

Politicians like China Joe, Kamala Kneepads, Pelosi, UpChuck, John Kerry, Screeching Squaw, AOC, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and Charlie Baker can ONLY exist in a land of uninformed and lazy voters.

At election time – if YOU know the TRUTH – – but remain silent so you won’t ‘upset’ family members and co-workers, – you are equally to BLAME.

Nobody is asking you to winter over at Valley Forge, – to march barefoot in the snow into Trenton, – or storm the wet bloody sands of Normandy….


Be WORTHY of the blood shed to give you a FREE COUNTRY!

Much to our surprise,  RRB is beginning our 13th year today.   We humbly thank all who send us tips and story leads.  We couldn’t do it without you!

3 Responses to “Back In April 2009 – Who Knew?”

  1. FLICK

    Mike: Congratulations to you and Jim for decrying the hypocrisy and exposing the fraud and corruption of the Liberals. Hoping you can again herald Conservatives minus the Rinos in 2022 and beyond.

    Here’s to many more years of RRB!

  2. Kojack

    I second Flick’s comment.

  3. Sonny's Mom


    As for the enemies within, everyone, please check out Trevor Loudon’s interviews and video channels, still on YT.

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