Baby-Killers Swarm Texas Capitol

Posted July 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

How long does it take a Texas woman to decide to kill her baby?

Apparently – 20 weeks of weighing options is not enough.  But they’ve found a new Princess of Death – State Senator Wendy Davis – who might ride this wave of baby-killing popularity right onto Hillary’s Ticket.

Swarm of Killers

After weeks of high-stakes theatrics and debate – with large crowds [swarms] of hostile pro-abortion democratic women demanding abortion in any week of pregnancy, Republicans passed a pretty modest abortion reform bill….

1.  No abortions after 20 weeks.

2.  Abortion doctors must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital – so abortions gone badly can be admitted to a full ER and surgical center…

3.  And abortions must be performed at a qualified surgical center.  At present only 5 of the 42 abortion mills in Texas meet these requirements.

Somehow the usual Democratic spin turns making abortion safer for women [saving some of their lives] – into a ‘Republican War on Women’? Who is making ‘War’ on the young women being aborted?

The bill passed.  Democrats will beat this war drum all the way through the mid-terms to 2016.

Princess of Death

Clinton AssetsWendy Davis now has a national spotlight and a national following. 

Hillary won’t be pleased – Wendy makes Hillary look like…well,…what she is…
an aging troll with a big butt.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ladies, – help me understand…when you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant [oops, – maybe by the wrong man…?] – how many weeks do you really think about it?  Isn’t 19 weeks long enough to contemplate and plan your child’s murder? 

If you dislike a man enough to kill his child, – why did you have sex with him [other than rape] in the first place?
Abortion Cheerleaders

6 Responses to “Baby-Killers Swarm Texas Capitol”

  1. Revolutionary

    Can’t argue your point Davis should be ashamed.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    Abortion is a major decision, it is being made too easy. Having an abortion is a dangerous option for the mother, and destroys a life. In the case of rape, incest or saving the life of the mother it is a vital option. Otherwise adoption is a good option, entrusting a baby to a couple that wants a baby more than anything in the world is a miracle.
    Since the 1960’s America’s cultural disintegration has accelerated. We have become more secular, more perverse and more decadent. The left understands that destroying Christianity destroys the culture and civilization. Socialists such as Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky and George Soros have championed anti Christianity, free love, contraception and abortion. Destroy the family and traditional morality and the economic system they gave birth to, capitalism, will come down. Obama has embarked upon an ambitious project to transform America, his agenda is against all that our Founding Fathers stood for. State Senator Wendy Davis is a great spokesperson for this Administration, we are in real trouble.

  3. Varvara

    I agree with Gov. Perry and this law. Twenty weeks should be enough for a woman’s decision. Sometimes a woman will have irregular periods and will not realize she is pregnant for a month or two but four or five months gives a woman enough time to make a decision and arrangements. After that, six months, 24 weeks, a child can sometimes survive.

    I think all the whining about their rights and entitlements is beginning to wear thin. Theatrics is a good word to use here. As for Wendy Davis, she knew she would be in the spotlight, she dressed for it.

    Closing the small abortion mills and having women go to a qualified surgical center is better for them and again I stress they have enough time to make arrangements and not use unhealthy, unsterile facilities.

    As for Hillary the next time we see her she most likely will be 20lbs thinner to go with the new hair style and face lift. Just remember she will be 68 years old in 2016.

    A bit longwinded tonight but I had to give my opinion.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Like the crowds of protesters down in Florida before the Trayvon trial, these ladies were probably funded behind closed doors by either the WH, or Soros. Perhaps both. It would not surprise me either way.

  5. Mark Anderson

    Let’s see this is an easy one. A lawsuit will show how ridiculous this law is, a waste of time. It’s a constitutional right for a woman to choose abortion, that’s the law by a 7 to 2 supreme court decision. Why do conservatives keep trying to take away constitutional rights?
    That another easy one, to keep pleasing the base, it’s like masturbation, after all don’t fetuses do that.
    Mark, at RRB we encourage folks to leave comments, and for over 4 years now have only removed obvious spam and the occasional vulgar or threatening offering.

    So we’ll leave yours,…mostly as an example of how uninformed and historically vacuous liberals view the world.

    Claiming that women have a ‘Constitutional Right to an abortion’ and citing the 40 year old Roe v Wade decision penned by Blackmun [7-2] is very poor logic.

    If you understood History – you’d have known that 156 years ago Roger Taney penned another definitive Decision [7-2] stating that “Persons of African descent cannot be, nor were ever intended to be, citizens under the U.S. Constitution. Plaintiff is without standing to file a suit.”

    To refresh your memory, – that was Dred Scott v Sandford.

    My point is that there have been some very BAD Supreme Court decisions over time. Relying on RvW makes no better logic in 2013 than relying on Dred Scott did in 1860…

    TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Most of the Conservatives I know believe that Life begins at conception, – and that as humans we have a duty to protect the weak and the helpless – including the unborn helpless.

    /s/ Iron Mike

  6. Sort-of-Pro-Choice Conservative Woman

    First a note to benighted fool Mark Anderson: you obviously have NO idea that “Constitutional rights” is a phrase without meaning.

    Go read the Declaration of Independence: rights come from our Creator (or as an inescapable product of our humanity, if you go the Ayn Rand atheist route). They PRE-DATE and SUPERSEDE the Constitution. Go read some of Publius Huldah’s blog or the articles at Constitution Decoded and get some education. Every sentence you write displays a sad lack of understanding.

    On to the question Iron Mike asks: 20 weeks is MORE than enough time. Back when RvW was first decided, a woman could not know for sure until she was close to 8 weeks along – that was state of the art for testing. She had only 4 weeks to decide and act (abortion was almost never available after 12 weeks in those days). Today’s drugstore-available tests are cheap and accurate at 2 weeks. That leaves MORE THAN 4 MONTHS to decide and act. Good grief – how stupid/indecisive do these folks assume women to be? What a LOW opinion of women they demonstrate!

    What HATRED of women they also show when they do not want a bill that requires hospital admitting privileges for doctors (as is required for any OTHER freestanding day surgery center), and in a place required to meet cleanliness and safety standards. The “they’re trying to put abortion back in the alleys!!” crowd (of which MA seems to be a member) don’t seem to care that there are clinics DIRTIER than back alleys in use. Where is the “concern for the lives of women?” Crickets chirping.

    The “pro-choice” crowd has morphed into a group which visibly, volubly, and stridently agitates for laws that HATE women, that wish to DESTROY respect for a singular function of women, and turn all of “women’s issues” of “privacy” into matters of public genitalia — and public funding.

    I am DISGUSTED by this crowd.