Baby-Killer Six-Pak Debate

Posted October 4th, 2011 by Iron Mike

I thought I was going to a political debate tonight.  It was more like nerf ping-pong or playing catch with a fuzzy tennis ball.  It was a beauty contest disguised as a softball game.

Six would-be US Senators lined up on the stage at UMass Lowell. Guess which one wore Red?  Guess which one was in a special chair?

I’ll  give you the quick run-down.  It was being televised live and filmed – I’ll post the links when I find them.  They’re hardly worth watching.

I’ve been to debates.  This wasn’t one of them.  This was choir practice and the tune they were rehearsing was the “Me Too Lullaby”.   The only significant difference of opinion was on legalizing marijuana – where Warren and Khazei were not ready to legalize it.

But ALL SIX were climbing over each other to reassure the party faithful that they are reliable baby killers they’ll FIGHT HARD to keep Planned Parenthood fully funded! 

All of the questions were insultingly softball, – such as ‘what superhero would you be?’ and ‘how did you pay for college?’  Warren wants to be Wonder Woman…No shucks!?!

  My scorecard:

Tom Conroy – almost looks like Scott Brown’s little brother.  Spoke about the ‘tension between Democracy and Capitalism’.  I guess he feels they are mutually exclusive?

Claims that after three terms in the Mass State House he knows Scott Brown’s weak points.  Says he ‘spent the summer walking around Massachusetts’.   I wonder if he saw any of the factories he helped empty.

Marisa DeFranco – a snarly immigration attorney with a strident voice.  Her applause grew throughout the night.  Finished #3.

Alan Khazie – the only real gentleman up there – too polite for real politics.  Should have joined the Salvation Navy.  Admitted he has enjoyed marijuana.  Finished #2

Bob Massie – claims “the TEA Party wanted to slap Massachusetts for 49 years of Ted Kennedy”.  Hmmm, he could be right!   Came across as a little preachy and arrogant, and detached.

Herbert William Robinson –the fattest man in US Politics since William Howard Taft.  Beyond morbidly obese – even his hair has grown fat.  Has one good idea – no capital gains tax on IPOs.

Elizabeth ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren – anointed Queen of the Obama Cartel – seemingly cannot talk without clawing the air as if she just arose from a crypt.  Claims ‘people on Wall Street broke this country’ – she wants to write the regulations to fix it.   She got the most applause – 18 seconds – because she had the most supporters.

Folks, I’m no big fan of Scott Brown,  but these six are ALL DANGEROUS FULL-FLEDGED MOONBATS!  

EACH of them would be DANGEROUS to our country!

They all want women serving in the infantry, they all want massive abortion mills to operate 24 x 7 x 365, they all want to write more regulations on business, and they all have pipe dreams about ‘green jobs in the new economy’.

NONE of them have a CLUE!!!

The Obama-Soros Cartel will be delighted with ANY of them.

So the debate was a farce – an insult to the intelligence of the Democrat faithful who came out and packed the hall and the balconies.  Well, not exactly,…  If they really had intelligence they wouldn’t be Democrats.

The Black lady from the Lexington MoveOn group – seated one over from me – didn’t want to answer my questions about the Obama record.  An hour later she was so bored she was playing a card game on her cell phone as the debate ended.

You see, the Democrat Party Faithful [aka ‘Useful Idiots‘] don’t really listen to debates or worry about their candidates’ stands on issues.  They know they’ll be told who to vote for.

I did see some alumni from the Sam Meas campaign.  I’m not the only good Republican who knows enough to scout the opposition.

From the size of her support inside and outside –Warren seems to have the full Axelrod machinery behind her.  I wonder if she can gather 10,000 signatures.

I was thinking driving home – the Press will try to steer this campaign.  The story they want to write is ‘Warren Recaptures Teddy’s Seat!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

The Boston Herald link:

Oops! MoveON Cadre Leader Scott Richardson and his buddy Garrett didn't get the 'word' from Axelrod. They were caught supporting Bob Massie. Careful there Scott - you could lose your Team Obama Badge over this. Maybe even be sent to the camps.

4 Responses to “Baby-Killer Six-Pak Debate”

  1. scott

    i’m not a member of MoveOn. i’m with Obama for America.
    and I wasn’t campaigning for mssaie — just talking to someone i know.


    MoveOn / Obama for America: Two arms of the same body Scott? What’s the difference?

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    Elizabeth Warren will simply go along with Obama’s agenda no matter what it is, and it is almost never good for our country.
    Senator Scott Brown studies the bill or the treaty and does as he says “I do my due diligence, I evaluate the information and get beyond party politics and do what is in the best interest of the country. That is much more than any of the Democrat candidates would ever do. They simply vote along with the agenda of the Obama administration. There are many Democrats that are very pleased with Senator Brown and will vote for him.
    He is our best choice for the Senate, for Massachusetts and for the good of the country.

  3. Obama Lover

    It is good to see someone wearing a different color than grey all the time.

  4. Rabid Republican

    What a pathetic show of duh. It seems like Dems are so sure of themselves that they don’t actually have to answer questions… they all know the answers anyway. The answers all come from the Party and no one speaks opposite the party. There is no independent thought in this group. The message gets passed down… PresO, Party, State, and then Unions. rr