B R E A K I N G ! Jussie Smollett INDICTED!

Posted February 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

He tried to create an ‘incident’ of Right-Wing Trump supporters acting like Klansmen.  Now his hate-inspired FRAUD has destroyed his career.  Beyond sad.

UDDATE:  Thursday AM 21 Feb 2019  Smollette turned himself in early this morning.

Now the Media Circus really begins….damn near the trial of OJ!

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson


4 Responses to “B R E A K I N G ! Jussie Smollett INDICTED!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Think of the arrogance of it all: “I’m smarter than law enforcement personnel. I’ll pull this off and get some sympathy publicity”….. Ha!

    If this takes him down, then there’ll be one less race-bating moron trying to pollute young, impressionable minds, and the minds of morons like him….

  2. Mike Dane

    I hope he ends up in jail. That said, my guess is his actions will be excused by the left as well meaning and honorable and he will end up a hero to many.

  3. Vic

    He’ll be very popular on the cell block

  4. Joshua Norman

    Good riddance.