Ayatollah’s Game Of Poker: Shia Style

Posted March 3rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

From Truman in Korea,  to JFK & LBJ in Vietnam, – to Carter in Iran, – to Clinton in Rwanda and the Middle East,  – to Obama in Syria, – and now China Joe,…

….the goons and dictators have learned that Democrats are emotionally and mentally incapable of using America’s military might in a massive retaliatory strike.   So they keep us busy as they nibble us to death.

2 Responses to “Ayatollah’s Game Of Poker: Shia Style”

  1. Vic

    Biden was one of those Democrats in Congress who stabbed South Vietnam in the back. He’s managed to be on the wrong side of the argument for his entire career.
    But Democrats love War, despite what they say. They love the opportunity it gives to expand the power of government. The love the money and power that flows from War. From Wilson all the way to LBJ, Democrats were at the heart of every godawful war of the 20th century. Republicans (who are always labeled by the Left as warmongers), from Wendell Wilkie, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, to Donald Trump, have always been anti-War, but believe in the axiom of Peace through Strength.
    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

  2. panther6

    Vic has nailed Biden here. We are now in a very high stakes came of bluff with the Iranians. If our CIA was worth its salt they would engineer a revolt. It is close, bubbling beneath the surface. Maybe the MOSSAD can do it.