Aww, Snarky Megyn Kelly FIRED (Again)

Posted October 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Remember the Debates of 2016 – when her loathing of Donald Trump came pouring out of your TV screen….?

3 Responses to “Aww, Snarky Megyn Kelly FIRED (Again)”

  1. Varvara

    Ms Kelly thinks very highly of herself. During the 2016 debates the other Fox journalists would get up and leave during commercials. They wouldn’t speak to her.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    And the “Killer B’s” get the boot again….. Where to, next? The View?

  3. Sherox

    This article has an interesting point of view:


    It IS a different viewpoint Sherox, – but I find it VERY HARD to consider Megyn Kelly a ‘victim’.

    There were LOTS of important stories she COULD have covered – all FAR more important than Halloween costumes.

    And if she was unaware that saying ‘BLACKFACE’ on TV was akin to calling somebody a NIGGER in racially-charged 2018, then she deserves to be let go.

    In all likelihood, NBC was just WAITING of an EXCUSE!

    And yes,…they are ALL hypocrites…..