Aww, John McCain’s Feelings Got Hurt?

Posted July 19th, 2015 by Iron Mike

McCain has been fronting for his RiNO buddy Lindsey Graham – [who has recently dropped below his previous 1% position in the polls] – while Trump has surged to the lead with 18%.
Graham McCain v Trump
So words get exchanged,  and all Hillary and Sanders can do is hope it damages the whole GOP.  But it won’t, because

…most Americans – including most real Republicans – have grown real tired of the lily-livered RiNO-controlled GOP.

That’s the key reason for Trump’s sudden popularity – he doesn’t mince his words – even when they ~ may ~ be hurtful to some.

McCain & Lindsey Graham

So McCain has been fronting for Graham,  even as he prepares for his own US Senate re-election race in Arizona.  Given his Senate performance since Obama whipped his ass in 2008,  McCain doesn’t have much of a Republican record to run on.

And Donald Trump came to town last weekend and pretty much stole the show.

At that moment, – McCain had a choice: congratulate the new front-runner, – or try to throw horse turds at him.

At 78 years old, McCain may not be thinking with all cylinders… He threw horse turds.

Think back,…have you seen John McCain standing on the border demanding that Obama seal it? HOW MANY TIMES – IN THESE PAST 6 YEARS?

McCain defends Amnesty

He spent more time in Syria lobbying for Obama to support “the Good Syrian Rebels” – the ones who have since sworn allegiance to ISIS… McCain’s judgment on many issues is clouded by his self-image…

Now savor the wall-to-wall hypocrisy:

Back in 2008 all the candidates very politely thanked McCain for his service, – and then went on to minimize it’s importance for a future president…

The MEDIA led this effort of minimizing McCain’s Naval background and the three generations who’d served – except to point out that John hadn’t made Admiral…

Somehow not making Admiral was more of a knock than Obama’s missing birth certificate or college records…

But now, with Donald Trump as the focus of Liberal and RiNO wrath,  John McCain’s service rises to legendary status,  and any attempt to minimize or belittle it is ‘decidedly un-American and unworthy‘.

Suddenly,…magically,…the media is protecting you from the scurrilous…? Will wonders ever cease?

THE KEY is that BOTH McCain and Graham are Amnesty RiNOs – who believe Hispanic voters will vote for a ‘Republican’ who promises amnesty and citizenship to illegals,…if they’ll just please help put him in office.


The Media wants a Bush v Clinton re-run,  because they can pitch it as Dynasty v Dynasty – and ignore the sins of both families.  No heavy lifting involved,  – no in-depth reporting,  – just recycle old photos….  America and the World would lose!

McCainGee John,…you’ve just done a FINE JOB of pointing out why people have lost respect for your record in the Senate,…

…and why they might be real excited by a guy like Trump – blustering words and all…

9 Responses to “Aww, John McCain’s Feelings Got Hurt?”

  1. integrity 1st

    I’m all in on Trump mixing it up and throwing everyone off their game, but don’t you think this particular gaff could cost him? McCain is a POS, but still, he was a war hero.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>?????????????????<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Actually, taken in whole,...McCain is a war SURVIVOR, but not necessarily a ‘Hero”…which is what Trump pointed out. And you should know, there are folks who claim that some of McCain’s behavior in captivity was…less than ‘heroic’,…but I wasn’t there, so I won’t judge that part.

  2. Walter Knight

    Donald Trump is a master at getting free press covering his comments. That’s important because he is spending his own money rather than campaign donations.

  3. Hawk17776

    McCain’s political record is fair game. His military record is beyond reproach, particularly by a blowhard who never served. Trump was out of line and he looked foolish.

  4. William Clark

    I’m all for Trump staying in this circus for as long as he can, McCain the Son and Grandson of Admirals, still deserves the respect that anyone who endured as much, imprisoned and tortured.

    This say anything till it sticks “sound byte” GOP has my father turning in his grave. His conservative party is long dead, today it is lunacy.

  5. Walter Knight

    McCain is a war hero several times over, not just for being shot down.

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    McCain reminds me of our Mass. House Minority Leader Brad Jones: all bluster, no true leadership, just tosses words around and goes red in the face, then lets the Democrats do what they want, and then whimper, cry about it.

    Haven’t seen much from either. Don’t expect to. Ever.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> YEP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Spot on Lonnie! McCain has spent the past 6½ destroying his reputation in search of some elusive ‘legacy’; – EVEN AS Obama was doing the EXACT SAME THING!

    Both men have a self-destructive streak – almost a death wish. Problem is, – they’re taking our country down with them.

    Trump was the center of discussion – the lead story – on every channel today. McCain did Lindsey Graham no favors….

  7. Kojack

    McCain deserves credit for refusing early release from the Hanoi Hilton, but that’s all. He was cited more than once for flying recklessly before being shot down.

    He is now part of the establishment flagrantly violating the oath of office and bringing this country down by not protecting the U.S. Constitution and his constituents. He is more concerned with his corporate overlords. For all practicality, he is in the same league as that pos John Kerry and dingy Harry Reid and belongs on the other side of the aisle.

    Ted Cruz is more of a patriot than McCain will ever be and so is Trump. Though neither of them have ever worn the uniform they both want what is best for America and Trump has created 1000’s of good jobs as well. The same cannot be said of PC “please don’t call me names” McCain.

    Being a vet doesn’t make someone a permanent patriot (i.e. Ward Churchill) or give them carte blanch to do whatever they like after their military service has ended.

  8. MC

    Iron Mike:

    Just searched your earlier posts as I thought I remembered seeing a picture of McCain on one of his trips to Syria. Checking out the pictures you posted .. Isn’t that the LEADER of ISIS standing next to McCain. The picture I mean is the group photo at the bottom –the guy that is turned away looking back over his shoulder isn’t that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS.

    This is the link that I mean:

  9. Mark

    FUCK McCain. Not good for the U.S. His influence has expired. TRUMP for PRESIDENT!