‘Awards Nite’ at the MassGOP

Posted February 10th, 2012 by Iron Mike

‘Everybody gets a certificate!’

It was the kind of event you wish you hadn’t gone to – and it demonstrated clearly why you voters need to clean house at the MassGOP.

The quarterly meeting was held at Natick’s Crowne Plaza. Chairman ‘Runty’ Maginn delivered a lengthy report [no photos – just bullet points] on his trips to New Orleans and Washington.

He feels the MassGOP is set to ‘receive millions and millions of outside dollars’. He bragged about the new website [the one with no information] – and asked people to link to it. That was falling on deaf ears.

He couldn’t overcome the unspoken dread across the room that Mittens might NOT be the Republican nominee – and that Scott Brown’s campaign is off to a very shaky start. Runty did little to inspire his troops.

Several committees reported on the usual small stuff, but Membership had nothing to say.

The big event of the evening – and thankfully the wrap-up – was the presentation of 24 ‘Certificates of Participation’ to the 24 members not running for re-election. This was exactly like the losing little league team getting a plastic trophy at the end of the season – paid for by their parents.

QUOTE of the NIGHT: Oblivious to me standing right behind them – two elderly retiring members chatted. One said to the other “You know – over the years we should have done a lot more serious drinking together”.

Upon adjournment – National Committeewoman Jody Dow headed straight for the bar!

And thus you have a clear picture of why our Party is just 11% – and why I need your vote if things are to ever change!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

BTW: Your incumbent State Committeeman from Middlesex and Worcester; – he came, – acknowledged me in the back of the room, – and departed before the meeting ever started.

5 Responses to “‘Awards Nite’ at the MassGOP”

  1. sad4magop

    The only OCPF filing was in January where Peter Blute and a five other cronies gave $5000 each for a total of $30,000. There is no February filing to date. It will be critical in that it will show if donors believe in the man who funnels money to Democrats. My guess is that they will not. Reports are that only 30 of 80 State Copmmittee people attended. Obviously uninspired by the leadership. Or maybe they saw their chances for a soft White House job fading away. BTW – why would the RNC give us money – when our candidates like Elizabeth Child openly support things that defy the RNC platform. Such as her fondness for abortions. The MASS GOP and the State Committee are a laughing stock.

  2. liz

    How childish by giving everyone an award? Are these people in elementary school? No wonder the GOP has low enrollment!

  3. Sylvester

    “You know – over the years we should have done a lot more serious drinking together”.

    I was sitting two seats over from ” Iron Mike” and I could not believe this GOP clown made such a statement…..

    Mr. Membership Chairman AGAIN had no report……We need new leadership at the State Committee…… Vote for “Iron Mike”.

  4. Walter Knight

    If Romney wins the nomination, will he carry Massachusetts in the general election?

  5. sad4magop

    The January 2nd half posting OCPF posting had expenses, but showed no receipts. Perhaps there is so much money that they are having trouble counting it. More likely they are trying to squeeze every ounce out of their last fundraising letters so State Committee incumbents aren’t totally embarressed by what has become of the MassGOP. At this point I actually feel sorry for McGinn. But then only a fool would give money to the MASS GOP knowing McGinn’s history of financing Democrats. Oh well, another year wasted while we here play ‘Mr. Kaufmann goes to Washington’.