August 2011 Questions For Democrats

Posted August 10th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Once upon a time – three years ago – the Summer of ’08, – back when you were feeling the glow of HOPE and CHANGE and OBAMA,…did you ever think that…

– you’d see previously passive Citizens rise up and form the TEA Parties?

– you’d see a Democratic pResident belittle, scorn and abandon Israel?

– you’d see Obama appoint 35 avowed socialists and communists as Czars?

– you’d see Obama waste over two years passing ObamaCare – something he knows is unconstitutional, which several courts have thusly found – and which over 60% of the American People loathe?

– you’d see our Southern Border go openly unguarded, while Obama sues Arizona and Alabama?

– you’d see Obama use the ATF to traffic guns to Mexican drug cartels – just to build a ‘case’ for gun confiscation here in the USA?

– you’d see Obama use your money to bail out Ford, Chrysler, AIG, and Wall Street Banks – and use your tax $$ to reward unions like the S.E.I.U. for their support?

– you’d see Attorney General Eric Holder turn a blind eye to black-on-white crimes, including this summer’s outbreak of ‘flash mobs‘?

– you’d see Obama add 25,000,000 people to the welfare rolls – many of them illegals?

– you’d see UNEMPLOYMENT hit 9.8% 16.4% for Blacks?

– you’d see Obama start shooting wars in Libya and Yemen without Congressional approval.

– you’d see an American President shut down oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico – as vindictive retribution for the gulf coast counties that voted Republican?

you’d see Obama ADD $3.5 Billion to our National Debt?

– you’d see him openly hold seniors on Social Security hostage to debt negotiations?

– you’d see America’s Credit Rating slip?

– you’d see the stock market plunge the way it’s doing this week? It went down another 520 points today?

Did you ever think back then that Obama was the kind of man who would blame everybody but himself – several times a day – on nearly every aspect of his job?

At some point in the past 2 years, did it dawn on you that it’s YOUR WEALTH that Obama intends to ‘spread around’?


So a KEY QUESTION is:  If everything is everybody else’s fault – what can you proudly credit Obama with?

How are your retirement funds looking?

What did you pay for gas today?

Are your debts paid off or will your grandkids have to pay them off after you’ve passed away?

How will your grandkids pay off the $46,000.oo they owe Uncle Sam right now? What about the $46K you owe?

Do you STILL think Obama is the best man [or woman] to lead the country? If not – who will you vote for in the 2012 Democratic primary?

Or,…have you seen enough? Are you ready to register Republican?

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, and do you ~ think ~ folks should have been more concerned with Mister Obama’s credentials, and less obsessed with his skin color?

6 Responses to “August 2011 Questions For Democrats”

  1. dannap

    Ooh-rah!!! from a MarineMom.

  2. britsarmymom

    I think you left out this tiny reality

  3. Perplexed Senior

    When these questions are asked of the dedicated, Moonbat, progressive, liberal Democrat, their eyes glaze over, they give you the huma, huma and immediately say that it was all inherited from George W. Bush because they have no other factual defense. In other words, they are true believers in the communist, socialist ideology and they will continue to blame anyone but the one person who has greased the slippery slope where we find ourselves with no end in sight, Barack Hussien Obama.

  4. linda walker

    Obama is a fraud! this is not a joke, its not a conspiracy, its a fact! read about this on: and Please everyone. Obama needs to be prosecuted and all those who have been covering for him! including some republicans1 the USA is not as free as we’ve been brought up to believe. obama is a fraud who put up falsified birth certificates, both of them, a forged selective service registration and yes, he is actually using a stolen SSN from a person of 1890 in Connecticut! Seems hard to believe, but it is so sadly true. We have to get the traitors out of our federal government!

  5. Rabid Republican

    Great post, Mike. rr

  6. PeacefulPatriot

    It’s time for the true republicans to start looking a bit deeper into matters because this has long to be a republican democrat issue, this is a Patriot or Torrie question. Obama is working on behalf of a foreign enemy just as Cheney and Bush were, No such slaughter of American economy as the Bush administration and the acceleration under Obama is done on accident. It’s time for people to stop hiding behind parties and denying the truth about what these people represent. These people are working on behalf of a fascist Wall Street backed coup d’etat against the constitution of the United States not much unlike what Smedley Butler outlined in the early 30’s. This debt deal proves that as they have superseded the constitutional powers of the legislative branch to now make decisions on cuts behind closed doors. We need to stop being divided and unite as patriots to defend the nation because right now if we let Obama finish his term WE WONT HAVE A REPUBLIC! Stop talking about who to vote for in 2012 and fight for Barry’s prompt removal and the strategic flank against this enemy of our Government: The Glass-Steagall Act, which will return $17 (+) trillion to the US purse so we can start doing American things again.