Attorney Sidney Powell On Weiner’s Laptop

Posted March 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

675,000 Clinton emails! (The very ones Hillary thought she’d bleached away?)
Sidney is a very seasoned appellate attorney,  and today she represents LTG Mike Flynn.  The deeper she’s dug, – the more dirt, filth, and outright treason she’s found,  – about the FBI,  the DOJ,  the Clintons,  and other Democrats.

The current noise of the “Coronavirus Pandemic” is drowning out real news, – but her full 48 minute talk at Hillsdale is below the fold.  Inform yourself! 

The full 48-minute address:

One Response to “Attorney Sidney Powell On Weiner’s Laptop”

  1. Sue

    What happened to the NYPD officers who “vomited” when they saw the contents of the laptop? Were they suicided???


    Good question! There were rumors a few years back that the NYPD had made insurance copies of that hard drive – because they didn’t trust the FBI / DOJ.