Attorney Pat Cipolline Rebukes Nadler

Posted January 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

The so-called Senate Trial went late – until nearly 2 AM,  as Democrats attempted to add 11 Amendments to the Rules.  Each was defeated.  Slowly a new household name emerges.

2 short enjoyable videos:

Attorney Pat Cipolline quotes Jerry Nadler’s statement from the days of the Clinton Impeachment:

They’ll be back with 24 hours (each) of opening arguments starting at 1 PM today.  This is harder work than some of these Democrats have EVER done in their lives.

3 Responses to “Attorney Pat Cipolline Rebukes Nadler”

  1. Ben

    That short speech spoke volumes.

  2. John Pagel

    SHIFTY and GRUMPY CAT got their asses handed to them yesterday and the wicked witch of the West must be tearing her hair out because her flying monkeys failed to do their jobs.


  3. Sonny's Mom

    There are so many statements from the President and the White House legal defense team that these “House managers” have spun into lies. When the original words and Democrat smears are placed side-by-side, I hope at least some people will start questioning a lot more things they’ve heard from the mainstream media, going back to the “Billy Bush tape”.