ATTN: Republicans In Congress

Posted September 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Screw Obama Screw SyriaSCREW Syria! SCREW Obama Too!

We’ve known about Syrian stocks of poison gas since before 9/11. If it wasn’t a problem for Clinton or Bush…
why is is suddenly worth starting a war?

ONLY ONE REASON: Obama needs to keep your eyes off what he did in Benghazi!

The amateur community organizer with his secret portfolio has finally let his mouth overload his ass. He surrounded himself with sycophantic inept wannabes who know NOTHING about war, – about history and world events, – or about grand strategy. They’re merely loyal progressive democrats who lack both the wisdom and courage to tell Obama to “STOP!”

None of Obama’s toadies can envision the blowback from even a pin-prick American strike by such players as Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, Assad himself, Turkey, the Kurds, and of course Iran.

Then there are both the Chinese and the Russians – who have both told Obama “Don’t do it Bro”.

The UN – sitting in New York City on our dime – could condemn us. How humiliating!

At an absolute minimum – we could lose one of our nuclear aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean – with perhaps 4000 sailors and Marines killed.

Overnight Russia under Putin would become the de facto world leader, – for all the wrong reasons.

Obama’s American followers might be able to blame his troubles here on Bush, or on ‘racism’, – but that won’t cut the mustard in other world capitals. They don’t care about rodeo clowns in rubber masks, – they care about the American president acting like a clown.

They care less what color Obama is; they only care that he talks and acts like an utter asshole.  He’s already proven he cannot be trusted with their military secrets, – and that he will betray any ally – at any convenient time.

Looking for a CLUE

Obama is being out-maneuvered by al Qaeda, – by the Iranians, – by Assad, – and by Vladimir Putin. Everybody on the world stage can see him clearly – the would-be emperor – with no clothes. The Chinese might pull his strings at any time!

The bitter sting in all of this for Obama is all the negative things he had to say over the years about GW Bush – who was able to pull together friends and allies – and get things done. All that criticism and those endless snarky comments are coming back to haunt him.

Republicans – don’t give in one inch!

Back away from this Soros tool. Investigate Benghazi.

Begin impeachment hearings against BOTH. Biden is equally guilty!

Don’t give in an inch on the budget, the National Debt, …and certainly not on amnesty!

Pass a bill defunding ObamaCare.

Pass another one defunding Air Force One. He has abused that play-toy enough!

Remember the Wisdom of our Founders!

They understood human nature, – they knew History, – and they wrote into our Constitution a system of checks and balances to spare our Republic from the ravages of a would-be king.

It’s past time for you to exercise some checks on this unbalanced narcissist. Cut off his funding. Stop approving his appointments. Investigate him!

Obama’s hands are DIRTY, and BLOOD COVERED!Egyptian Newspaper

Already Egyptian papers are running exposés on him as a full-fledged member of the Muslim Brotherhood – something we’ve long suspected.

Don’t be misled by RiNOs!

McCain and Graham are not real Republicans!  They’re career Washington Politicians – in a class by themselves and loyal to nobody but themselves. It’s time for you to lead them, – or just tell them to sit quietly on the sidelines as you get our country back on track.

DO NOT BE PART of taking our country into the midst of a no-win 6,000 year old ethnic killing ground, – where no rock and no grain of sand is worth a single drop of American Blood!

For God’s Sake – don’t be bullied by Obama’s threats to blame everything on Republicans. Today you few Republicans are the only thing standing between the Republic we inherited and a 21st Socialist Dictatorship mired in a Middle-East War of No Return!

TO: Congressional Democrats:

With your pie-in-the-sky utopian pipe-dreams, you’ve damn near ruined this Republic. You’ve mired us deeply in debt, and weakened us to the point where Bashar al-Assad can actually bully us.

If you have a shred of decency remaining, – it’s time to stand up as an American – and help put Obama in his place – so he can do no further damage. History will judge you.

3 Responses to “ATTN: Republicans In Congress”

  1. Casey Chapman

    He’s TRYing to distract us from Benghazi—-yes. But—-don’t forget Obamacare is just the first step on the road to serfdom, and a single provider system. We need to defund it. We need to get rid of the Department of Education that Carter gave us as well. It does NOTHING for the education of our youth, which is going down the left wing drain as well. Then there’s the czars Obama has surrounded himself with. Send them packing. Permanently.

  2. Hawk1776

    There have been other incidents of using gas, such as Suddam Hussein gasing the Kurds, and we did nothing. What happened in Syria is unfortunate, but frankly it’s not our problem. Regardless of how I feel about intervening, I would have respected Obama more if he had ordered an airstrike instead of vascillating. He has shown that he is not a leader. At the moment America is a rudderless ship.