ATTENTION: Anti-Gun Liberals!

Posted June 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

NJ HousebreakThe video which appears below the fold is violent and scary. It will make SOME of you sick.  It was captured by a nanny-cam during a daytime home break-in in New Jersey.

Please NOTE:  this woman had NO TIME to call 9-1-1.


 –  Living in a ‘nice neighborhood‘ is no guarantee of safety!

 –  You need solid exterior doors – and you need to keep them locked.

 –  You need to discuss and plan home defensewith an expert!

 –  You may need an alarm system with panic buttons in several rooms.

But if you choose to live as a victim-in-waiting

…be sure you’re ready for a slow painful death at the hands of a heartless predator.  

Your decision to arm yourself – or to remain disarmed – is YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS; but don’t you DARE try imposing your decision on anyone else.

Petit Family

If you don’t know what happened in Cheshire, CT on July 23rd 2007, you better find out, – study it, and make some tough personal and family decisions.

FINAL THOUGHT:  Just because your momma raised a wussy spineless puke maggot – don’t make that a death sentence for your family.  Maybe your kids deserve better….

UPDATE: 29 June  Shawn Curtis arrestedShawn Curtis - Thug

3 Responses to “ATTENTION: Anti-Gun Liberals!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    We live in a security building. Regardless, we have taken a basic safety course, and gotten both our carry permits and a few weapons.

  2. Peter Macmillan

    I’ve watched the clip, and considered the examples. I’m not trying to attack the Second Amendment or make people mad, but I would appreciate a practical explanation about defending my home with a handgun. Short of wearing a holster all of the time or having a loaded gun in arm’s reach at all times, how do you safely store a handgun that is ready for use?

    In the Petit family example, the husband was asleep when he got bashed with a bat; the intruders then surprised and got control of his wife and his daughters before any of them could dial 911. To protect themselves with a gun, it would have had to have been in their hand or at least closer than their cell phone to be useful.

    Dogs, alarms, locks, gated communities, and other precautions might be more effective than a gun. That doesn’t mean we should ban guns; I just don’t think that guns are as effective as some commentators have suggested.

  3. Iron Mike

    Really simple Peter. If you are afraid of guns – DON’T BUY ONE!!

    But the rest of us can’t all afford to live in GATED COMMUNITIES. For some of us dialing 911 means the police ~ might ~ get here in 20 – 30 – 40 minutes. So a gun – or two – strategically located in the home might give us a fighting chance. Wasp spray, and a big dog are 2nd and 3rd best choices….

    Again, if you FEAR guns – buy a big dog. But don’t you EVER attempt to tell OTHERS how to protect THEIR families. We will continue to defend our God-given rights – 2nd Amendment or not.

    And since the ISSUE seems hard for you to grasp – our Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment – specifically – so we could defend ourselves from GOVERNMENT!