At The Border: New Team, New Game!

Posted April 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Welcome Mat is gone,  the Obama Travel Agency is out of business!  Apply,…wait your turn, – and come lawfully!”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly visit El Paso, Texas, and warn illegals that there is a new team in charge.

The 8 years of “Catch, Wink, and Release” – is over Muchacho!

Trump and his team of Patriots are keeping their promises!

To the Left-Wing and One Borderless World crowd who reads RRB,…


If illegal Mexicans were such a great factor in “enriching the fabric of our lives”,…why do so many of them end up on welfare,  – in prison,  – and why do so many of them commit crimes against each other and our general public?

If they are “so good for our society”,  – why haven’t they been able to fix that 100-year old socialist cesspool called Mexico?

Why should the so-called “Dreamers” (i.e. children dragged across our borders by illegal immigrant parents),  – be given a free education in our tax-payer funded schools and colleges?

Why do WE have to pay for the extra classrooms and the extra teachers?

Why aren’t Black inner-city kids (who are American Citizens) considered “Dreamers”?

If you’re at the DMV to get your driver’s license renewed,….how do you feel about somebody who cuts ahead of you in line…?

How can you even ~ pretend ~ to “care about Black Lives Matter”,…when you let foreigners flood into our country for 8 long years,…taking every possible entry-level job that an unemployed Black youth might want….?

If you can’t smell your own hypocrisy – you are doomed to die covered in your lifetime of lying!

In the end,  – do you want Mexico to be more like the USA,  – or do you want the USA to become more like Mexico?

3 Responses to “At The Border: New Team, New Game!”

  1. Vic

    I think liberals live in their own fantasy world where hypocrisy only applies to people outside that world (like us).


    They have special words for us like ‘troglodyte’ and ‘Deplorables’,….and they believe (at some level) that only THEY care about poor people….

    So they enact policies to KEEP the poor poor….

  2. MC

    They need to change the “anchor baby law”.

  3. Catherine

    The “anchor baby law” that MC refers to IS NOT A LAW!!!

    Decades of repeated Supreme Court decisions stated categorically that birth here does NOT make one a citizen or convey the right to stay here!

    That was changed in 1982 (yes, *that* recently) – by Justice Walter Brennan in a frimping FOOTNOTE appended to another case entirely.

    The left glommed onto it like it was a life raft, and have pushed it and pushed it and pushed it for decades now.

    This should be an EASY one to fix: a footnote to a decision in an unrelated case IS NOT LAW AND MUST NOT BE TREATED AS SUCH. That realization (and the testicular fortitude to ENFORCE it) is ALL that is needed.