At Long Last- Mass 4th Republican Debate!

Posted August 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The Mass 4th District is considered # 9 on the all-time list of the worst gerrymandered districts in the nation.  It was outdone by districts in California and Illinois.  It is a district designed JUST for Barney!

But finally we’ve had a debate between the MassGOP’s “chosen one” – former Marine Sean Bielat, and Conservative Republican Earl Sholley.  It took an awful lot of prodding of the Bielat camp to make this happen.  I think you see [hear] why.  Listen and judge.

For those of you in the Mass 4th, you better vote Barney out – or he’ll likely end up as Speaker some day.  Shudder that thought!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Gooe for Parts!

4 Responses to “At Long Last- Mass 4th Republican Debate!”

  1. "Earl must be working with barney"

    Yeah, I can see why it would take a lot of prodding for Sean to agree to debate Earl (although it didn’t take any prodding really – just Jeff Katz asking Sean). Earl is a lunatic! Ron Paul for President, Islam is a cult, and he is going to incarcerate Barney (pretty sure he won’t have the authority to do that). Earl must have been planted by Barney to keep away credible candidates like Sean. Sean is a Marine, a conservative, and a businessman. His experience makes him suited for higher office. Earl’s experience, on the other hand, does not.

  2. ironmike

    Actually Dude, Sean has been ducking debates for months. It ~ may ~ be because he’s nervous in front of adults who actually understand the issues. Or maybe Party Chair Barbie didn’t think he was ready.

    He’s certainly not the kind of Marine I served and worked with in RVN. They never ran from a fight.

    I’ve known Earl for a couple of years now, and know him to be a man of maturity, wisdom, seasoning, and having a keen grasp of the key issues. He also understands that when our nation is under attack it is no longer time to pussyfoot around with politically correct buzzwords.

    Islam is far more than a religion. It is a way of thinking, a way of life, a set of laws governing all things, [include the treatment of wives, concubines, and slaves], setting dire punishments – behanding, beheading, stoning, burning, etc. It justifies the killing of all Jews and all non-believers. Yeah Dude – it is a CULT! Thank God that there are men like Earl willing to speak out plainly.

  3. Earl must be working with barney

    Firstly, thanks for not just deleting my post.

    Ducking debates??? I think being on Marine Reserve duty is a legitimate reason to not debate. Plus, Mary Lou Daxland and Linda Rapoza set up the “debate” in an attempt to disparage Sean. Sean isn’t afraid of anyone or anything so that assertion is ridiculous.

    I question Earl’s conservatism. He collected signatures in 2009 for the Moderate Party of Rhode Island, a party that self-identifies as a centrist party. That doesn’t sound very conservative. It sounds like a RHINO who is fooling a few people into believing that he is the only “true conservative”. Also, Earl moved to Norfolk in 2008 just to run for office against Barney Frank – so that sounds like a “carpetbagger” to me.

  4. ironmike

    Hey Watertown Dude,

    I left you comment in place so people could see the caliber of Bielat’s backers. So a couple of points.

    Earl runs a business. He collects signatures for political candidates and referendum issues. He gets paid for it. It’s called earning a living. Some of his clients may not be conservative. So what? You’ve got phone service and you’re not conservative, right?

    Second, you are attacking long-time personal friends of mine – so you better watch your tone. Mary Lou and Linda are Republican activists – and two passionate and committed ladies who want to see Barney retired. They offered several debate formats for the two Republicans [there was a third – probably a stalking horse sent in by Party Chair Barbie]. Your boy kept finding excuses and not returning phone calls.

    So let’s agree that Sean is a ~ perfectly nice ~ young man. But what’s needed right now is someone seasoned, with some gravitas and some mustard in their craw. Sean doesn’t fit that bill. I listened to the debate carefully. Barney Frank will eat Sean for lunch, and be reelected yet again.

    Barney is the Crown Prince of Gay America and gays know if they keep voting for him, – no matter what he steals – that someday he will have enough seniority to be the Speaker. Next year the 4th District is probably not going to be significantly redrawn. So this is the year to dump Barney. Sadly, Sean is not inspiring enough to move the centrists away from Barney’s coattails.

    Strongly urge you to take the long view. If Sean is a personal friend – do what you must. But if you want to see Barney ousted, get behind Earl. And next time leave a real e-mail address – or you will be dumped into the spam bucket.