“Asking For Health Records? Not Illegal…”

Posted May 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Steve Miller spent the morning demonstrating why we should be scared of unlimited government power. When asked if it was either improper or illegal for the IRS to ask for individual health records, – he claimed that …in his opinion – it was not illegal’!
A Man Haunted
Democrats on the committee used their time to shield the Administration and make the case that the IRS needs more agents [even bigger government]. The Republicans tried to get to the heart of the matter.  Few believed that the Cincinnati office – charged with granting 501(c)4 tax exempt status – had been acting in isolation.

Miller was watching his career, his pension, and possibly his freedom passing before his eyes.

What emerges – very slowly – is a story of Democrat zealots at the IRS abusing their power in concert to make life miserable for any group whose name included TEA Party, Patriot, Freedom, or had a religious connection, – anybody they perceived as right-wing.

After the 2010 elections, when IRS Headquarters ‘became aware of it’;  – they were VERY slow to share the problem with the Treasury Department, and they did NOT tell Congress.

So while Miller can state that he answered every question he was asked last year – he did not tell the whole truth,…and that could cost him big time.

From his mannerisms – particularly in the second half of the hearings – I think he’s looking to cut a deal. It sure made me wonder what else he’s sitting on….

Treasury Dept Inspector General J. Russell George admitted that there are other investigations ongoing.  This may well play out all the way through the 2014 midterm elections.

The names of the players are slowly emerging: Sarah Hall Ingram, Holly Paz, Joseph Grant, Lois G. Lerner, Celia Roady, Nancy Marks, Mitchell Steele, Carly Young, Joseph Herr, and Stephen Seok.

The hero of the day may well have been Rep Mike Kelly of Western Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District. He tore Miller a new asshole, – and received a standing ovation – something VERY RARE at congressional hearings!

Funny thing is, – Americans man not fully understand Benghazi, Syria, or al Qaeda.  But they sure understand and have feelings about the IRS!

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  1. Casey Chapman

    And the walls came tumbling down……….I’m willing to bet he never sees the inside of a jail cell. Sad to say, but probably true. He’s one of them, after all.