As The Turkish Coup Falters….

Posted July 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

There is a fine art and exact science to staging a military coup,  – and it looks like this generation of Turkish generals hasn’t learned it. General Evren must be spinning in his grave….
General Evren
There are strict but unwritten rules for staging coups,  – and the current crop of Generals either never studied them,  – or didn’t have the nerve or enough reliable manpower to carry them out.

1980 Crowd Control

Don’t pussy-foot around!  Be through in your planning,  – then swift and ruthless in your execution.

 1.  Capture the government leaders in the first minutes,  – let none escape. 

Kill a few immediately to (a). prove you are ruthless,  and

(b). make sure your coup partners are now totally committed.

 2.  Seize all TV and radio stations, and in the 21st Century the internet servers.

You must control the message and deny the old government people from any access to the public.

General Evren takes control

 3.  Seize the airports, ports, key river crossings, public utilities, and prisons.  This takes a lot of troops and massive coordination.

 4.  Arrest key judges and religious leaders, – execute if necessary.

1980 Executing Cabinet Ministers in Liberia

 5.  Keep the president / prime minister alive only long enough to insure you have cleaned out all his off-shore bank accounts and escape funds.

Use his family as your bargaining chip – they will be put safely on a plane / boat out of country – in exchange for his secret stash….or they can be shot along with him….like the family of Czar Nicholas.

 6.  Issue an edict nullifying any very unpopular laws. Don’t impose any new laws until the coup is complete.

 7.  Insure popular celebrities and sports figures are seen to endorse the coup.

 8.  Put a couple of bogymen on public trial for ‘crimes against the people’…

 9.  Have foreign leaders officially recognize the legitimacy of the coup – and condemn the heinous acts of the ousted leadership.

10.  Have the strongest available power (US – Russia – China – Britain – France) station troops and or ships as a sign of support.

1980 General Kenan Evren

For the record,  after leading his successful coup in 1980,  General Evren held elections in 1989 – and turned over power.

He was later tried, convicted, and given a life sentence.  Confined to a military hospital,  he died at age 97 in 2015.

Today in Turkey it seems Islamic extremism and the desire by Turkey’s huge population of unemployed youth for Sharia Law and a return to medieval Islamic rule under President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an [visualize a Turkish Hitler] has either slowed or stopped a poorly planned coup…..

Erdo?an the Turkish Hitler

Erdo?an may be a friend of Obama,  – but he’s no friend to the United States,  – and he’ll continue to quietly aide and assist ISIS,  because he hates both Assad and Israel…

4 Responses to “As The Turkish Coup Falters….”

  1. Panther 6

    A sad failure. I wonder is the CIA was involved? Erdogan is an enemy and is quickly leading Turkey back to the 1800s.

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Just wanted to say you put together a nice piece here.
    Turkey is a disaster, the suicide bombings there….Erdogan rules like a dictator, and should serve as a reminder to why our First Amendment rights are so critical. Yes, the morons who ran the coup are just that, morons, but some of thm did so for a good reason: Erdogan has powers Obama only wishes he had.

  3. Sherox

    How do we know that Erdo?an was not responsible for this?

  4. Sherox

    I read this just now and it does beg for an answer.


    Likely answer:

    Turkish Air Force is a small, elite force, – many from extended families. The F-16 pilots were likely reluctant to shoot down the executive jet – because friends or even family members were piloting it.