As RRB Begins Year Ten…..

Posted April 3rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Greetings Americans!  My my, has the time flown by!

Seems like just last week Jim set us up with the RRB Website, – and we were off to make a quiet difference in the political landscape.  Back then it seemed like everybody we knew was afraid to speak out against Deval Patrick and Barack Obama,  – because somebody would surely brand you as a racist!

Somebody had to speak up for our Constitution,  for Western Christian Values,  for Traditional American Values,  for your right to Life, Liberty, and Property, – and mostly for simple common sense.

As a town,  as a state,  and as a nation we couldn’t keep spending money we didn’t have.   We couldn’t use tax money to buy happiness for those who refuse to work for their own betterment,  and for those who abuse alcohol and drugs,  and expect to be subsidized.

Somebody had to speak up against our corrupt public education system,  which for 60+ years has been failing to teach History,  American Values,  and simple economics to impressionable kids.  Man-Made Global Warming is not a hard science,  – and should not be taught as such.

The Nation of Equal Opportunity should not and must not be trying to arrange equal financial outcomes for all our citizens,  because when excellence and innovation are no longer rewarded,  – you get the 1980s USSR – i.e. Communism in collapse.

Today the best examples are France, Greece, Cuba, and Venezuela.

We must rigidly guard our sovereignty and our borders.  If Mexicans are so important to our economy,  – why isn’t Mexico a thriving economic and social success? 

Why do the Mexicans want to leave,  and why can’t the Mexican government control and eliminate the drug cartels?

In early 2009 with Deval Patrick in the Corner Office and Obama in the White House,  many Americans believed that 144 years after our Civil War – we had finally expunged our “White Guilt”.  

Sadly both those Black men would prove to be the worst kinds of racists,  – but Liberals refused to see the evidence,  – even when it was laid bare for them.

Those would prove to be very dark days in American History – setting race relations right back to the 1950s and 1960s.  As is so often the case, when Blacks are abused,  – it is other Blacks doing them dirty – Deval Patrick,  the Obamas,  Jesse Jackson,  Al Sharpton,  Eric Holder,  Loretta Lynch,  Jeh Johnson….

Unlimited immigration from the Third World meant that young Blacks stuck on the Democrat Voter Plantation in our Black inner cities would never get the entry-level jobs that the illegal immigrants were getting.

But Liberals refused to see the evidence….. Where was the outrage from the Democrat Party…?

Never answered by liberals is the question:

If we need immigrants to do work  – because there aren’t enough Americans available,  – why have we aborted 60 million babies in these past 45 years – since Roe v Wade?

By 2012 it was clear who their 2016 nominee would be.  Joe Biden (our National Village Idiot) never stood a chance.  Neither did Bernie;  – the voting machines owned by George Soros had already been rigged to deny him votes.

But by 2016 the Obama revenge for the ‘birther campaign’ had worked.  Hillary Clinton was old,  fat,  haggard, and kept upright only by daily medication,  – and even that was no guarantee she wouldn’t fall in public.

Worse,  her only campaign theme was “I’m a WOMAN!”   She was such an awful candidate that she couldn’t win a rigged debate without cheating,  – or a rigged vote.

Maybe ripping off the Haiti Relief Fund to pay for Chelsea’s wedding wasn’t such a great idea after all….?

So RRB Began 9 years ago.  We learned to use new software,  to edit photos,  to download videos,  and to appreciate who our real friends were – and which so-called ‘friends’ were really RiNOs.

During that first year that process of learning who were the RiNOs was painful,  – but it soon explained why Democrats – the worst kind of Democrats – rule Acton with an iron fist.  Republicans and Conservatives had long since been cowed into silence,  – or had moved out of state.

2009 saw an unusual event – the rise of the Scott Brown campaign to replace Fat Teddy.  RRB played a small part – when Glenn Beck read our Coakley piece on the air.

Lowell Sun webpage Friday 3 Feb 2012

Sadly,  Scott turned out to be a back-stabbing RiNO who let his win go to his head within days,  – nurtured by left-wing media flattery “You could be the next Jack Kennedy!”   The pompous asshole fell for it,  – and was duly retired in disgrace by Shrieking Squaw. 

Hey Scott,…how’s the weather down in New Zealand?

Still we persisted…..

And we cannot thank enough or praise highly enough our many friends and contributors – both for story leads and pithy comments.

First among these is Miss Prim – who leads our night research shift.  Miss Primm has ruined many of my early mornings with a full inbox,  – too many stories of too many outrages,…we could fill three or four blogs.

Deeply and forever missed are our good friends Tom Gilroy,  Bud Laurens,  Marie Neiber,  and John O’Mara,  – who made their final river crossings and are reading RRB from a better and happier place.  Guys, we miss you every day!

I also want to thank those faithful and kind readers who quickly call and email me when they find my typos, – sumbudy teached my komputr sum baad wurds….

As we begin Year Ten,  it should be clear to all that the Election of Donald Trump may have temporarily halted the march of the Clinton Crime Cartel,  – but it has by no means vanquished it.

The left-wing media desperately wanted her to win – because every story,  – no matter how shallow or trivial – would have started with “America’s First Woman President….”.

Their love-fest has been denied, the hated and scorned Trump WON,  – and they’ll have their revenge…..maybe even an impeachment…

….if they can just find a Russian or a big-titted ex-girlfriend, – preferably with a love-child.

We have work to do.  Too many new-world order judges sit on America’s benches,  – our schools are turning out brain-dead socialist robots,  – and corrupt crooked Democrats and RiNOs keep getting re-elected – because Americans refuse to pay attention to current events and politics,  – because it’s dirty.

Young Americans are still going into “Journalism” – “…to make a difference”,  – instead of to tell the unvarnished truth to our citizens.  Our media has become the Propaganda Ministry,  – and only places like RRB,  – and your local Republican and Conservative web pages can be counted on for the truth in 2018 and 2020.

So despite the anguish of Mrs. Iron Mike,  – so long as I can see the screen and can find the keyboard,…we’ll keep RRB going.  I just need more naps than I did back then.

We do need your help:  your pithy and insightful comments reinforce the message for the stupid people – and we get about 1,000 hits daily from various left-wing organizations and people,  – including a handful of persistent spammers.

The fact they keep returning tells me they instinctively know deep down that their evil political beliefs are built upon fraud and quicksand.

To all our Conservative and Republican Friends – please don’t let us down!

Stand TALL!   Speak OUT!   Be PUBLIC!   Be BOLD!

Let the Democrats where you live know their beliefs and emotions are built on eviljealousy,  and fraud. 

Just look at Venezuela today,  – or Baltimore,  or Chicago.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

10 Responses to “As RRB Begins Year Ten…..”

  1. Varvara

    I hope we have many more years of RRB!

  2. hddan

    I met you at McDonalds in Acton on a Sunday morning a couple of years ago. I saw your SUV with the second amendment signs on it in the parking lot and I asked if it was yours. I ride a Harley and have a beard so you probably thought that I was a hippy getting ready to complain about you flaunting our Constitutional rights on your vehicle. Nothing could be further from the truth. You gave me a business card and I have been following your blog ever since. It was SO REFRESHING to find out that I am not the ONLY conservative in Massachusetts. Please keep the blog going.


    Never thought that Bro! Hippies ride unicorns – not Harleys!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Cent’ Anni, Brother…..


    “Gratias ago”

  4. Catherine

    Congratulations on nine years, Mike – may the next ten bring more readers and more converts!

  5. Ben

    It has been a pleasure and an education since I met you at the Nashoba gun club. I was shooting with the Marines there. I have been following you since.. I have learned a ton.
    Thanks for all you do


    All times with a Garand in my hands are fondly remembered!

  6. Kojack

    The effort you’ve put into RRB is greatly appreciated by this old soldier(well, maybe not too old yet, lol). I’d seen you at different Lowell Tea Party events but didn’t meet you until one of RiNO Brown’s ty events at Lenzo’s on Rte. 110 in Methuen. That’s when you handed me a business card with the blog on it.

    RRB has been a part of my daily routine ever since and I’ve learned a lot from it and been able to rant and sometimes add some perspective to the conversation too.

    May God grant you at least another ten years to keep it going. WE NEED YOU!

    —————TY TY TY TY TY TY TY————–

    TY Kojack! Your comments are always ON TARGET! Keep up the FIRE!

  7. Panther 6

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Keep up the good work and keep the PC police and libtards guessing. AATW, RLTW.


    TY Sir! De Oppresso Liber FILO!

  8. Asusue

    Mike, I cannot tell you how much I admire your bravery, persistence, knowledge of our founding documents, and common sense. I have learned much from you. RRB is the first thing I read every morning. Please keep up the good work. And may God bless you and Mrs. Iron Mike.


    TY M’Dear! And your whole family….

  9. Jim Ettwein

    Iron Mike,

    I look back on all the years of RRB’s existence and it is amazing to consider how far it has come. This is thanks to your tireless and relentless pursuit of keeping up the faith.

    I remember that first day, sitting in David Stone’s living room, knowing how frustrating it was for me, and realizing that it was likewise for you. A simple comment and affirmation brought us together and I went home and bought the url for RRB. I had never created a blog, but I had built websites. I knew from the outset that it would be a success. Not financially, we were never in it for the money; but to tell the story of how conservatism is attacked, every single day.

    Several years ago, I didn’t have the time to keep up the posting, but the good Lord seemed to work through your hands and you took up the slack and went beyond. Way beyond.

    You have been the steady and strong hand delivering a daily message to so many. The stats are there to show that you and RRB are having the desired effect. People read and listen. Then they think Sometimes they comment. But, all are touched.

    Mr Iron… I’m honored to have gotten to know you as well as I have. I’m honored that the RRB is what it is today and that I was associated with it at one time. Mostly, I am thankful that you are there and still posting. As are many, many others.

    I have finally retired (last Friday) and will read and comment more frequently. I look forward to the many posts to come.

    May God bless you, sir. May He provide you steady guidance each day. And may He keep a very watchful eye over you for all our days.

    With brotherly love,


    Aah! You evil Republican; just look at what your casual careless act started!

    Thank you and your whole clan Jim – it would never have happened without you – and your VERY patient help in the beginning.

    Looking forward to giggling when you start working again!

  10. Mt Woman

    Keep up the good work and keep us thinking!! Your page is full of education, wisdom and insights into issues. Thank you, Mike