As Kiev Burns….Golf And Skiing….

Posted February 21st, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Obama way,…leading from the 7th Hole….
As Kiev burns

In five short years, Obama has strengthened Putin and China; – and weakened [damn near destroyed] our ability to thwart bad actors and stand by our friends.

But there have been no shortage of vacations for this ‘Royal Family’.
Michelle and the girls skiing

Jimmy Carter and the ShahThink back to our last foreign-policy idiot presidentJimmy Carter

Think of all the needless wars and ethnic cleansing that have happened since 1979 – when he threw the Shah under the bus – and advertised American weakness.

Obama has tossed Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, the Pakistani doctor, and our guys in Benghazi – all under the bus….

 …along with our entire Southern Border….

Now Obama, an anti-American, anti-colonial, new world socialist, is telegraphing a new era of American weakness, – by his appointments of Hillary, – and then Kerry, – and his total preoccupation with – first himself, – and then with reshaping our economy and our culture.

when leadership looks weak

This is the ‘fundamental change‘ he was talking about in 2008.

Were you listening?

Do you understand, – that E-V-E-N IF Obama wanted to do something presidential right now, – he doesn’t know how, – and worsehe’s already squandered his credibility!

5 Responses to “As Kiev Burns….Golf And Skiing….”

  1. Casey Chapman

    He has been working very hard to fulfill the only promise he cares about. The one where he said he wants to transform America. Unfortunately, the low information voters didn’t realize, that he wants to transform our country from the greatest country with the greatest military in the world——-to being just another banana republic—-and I’m not talking about the clothing company, either.

  2. Kojack

    The last five years have shown that the most dangerous weapon in the hands of an LIV, liberal/commie or taker is the vote.

    The midterms this Nov. will determine wether we can heal our beloved Republic at the polls or are forced to resort to other means…i.e. if there enough of us left who still care.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Did anyone hear the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie PU$$Y come out and say publicly that he and all Americans support the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters who embody the American Spirit of 1775-1776 in their fight for Life, Liberty, Property Rights, Freedom to Contract, Free Enterprise, and the Pursuit of Happiness, all fundamental human rights, and that we stand with them???

    OF COURSE NOT! He doesn’t espouse those rights. And besides, he’s afraid of Putin the Thug and the Russian Thugocracy.

  4. Blossom

    We had a very nice respite with our Russian friends for many years. Now with Putin in charge, he is dreaming of a new Russian empire. The Ukraninian people are yearning for fundamental human rights that all people wish for.
    If we had a real American President we would stand up and declare American support for Ukraine’s revolution.