Arne Duncan’s Trash Heap Legacy

Posted May 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

The MOST crime-ridden and corrupt system in America closes 50 failing schools.
Chicago Closing 50 Schools
They’re SO BAD they cannot be saved. There aren’t enough good teachers, honest administrators, or cops to keep them open. They took decades to get that way.

In late 2008, when Obama picked Chicago Thug Arne Duncan as his SecED, – I knew conclusively that he didn’t give a flip about Education, – or kids! Why else import the warlord from America’s worst school system to be in charge of education?

Duncan’s first act was to order 27 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. For what?

Four years later the jig is up. Duncan as SecEd did NOTHING for Chicago – or their school system.

He did NOT clean up the corruption, he didn’t squash the corrupt teacher’s union.

Union Prez LewisIf fact – things got WORSE when another Obama Cartel member Rahm Emanuel left the White House and was elected Mayor in 2011.  He too brought no help, no solutions, no ‘magic’. 

He may have met his match in the person of union president Karen Lewis – a lady who could ~ and might ~ eat little Rahm for lunch.

And sadly, it’s not that he didn’t have a pipeline into the White House. It’s just that the Cartel has ZerO interest in fixing bad schools – or bucking teacher unions.
Friends in high places

Chicago’s schools are so bad they’re no longer schools. They’ve become incubators for gangs and places where under-age girls chose their baby daddies,…so they can get on the welfare train… Chicago has the highest in-school murder rate in the country!


When you see flies buzzing on a cow-pie – don’t blame the flies. It’s just what they do. And don’t blame the cows, – nobody teaches cows to bury their droppings.

Big BillChicago’s last Republican mayor, the colorful William “Big Bill” Thompson was elected in 1926 [his first term was 1915-23]. It’s been all Democrat – and all downhill – ever since. The tipping point was reached years ago.

Duncan became Chicago School Superintendent in 2001 – appointed by Mayor Daley, just as the slide began to accelerate. He had no solutions; – he just bought a little time by giving in to union demands.


Back in his day, Big Bill had the Black vote. What changed? The Democratic party in the 50s and 60s became adept at playing Robin Hood Politics, – the simple ploy that the rich are unfairly rich, and should pay for stuff for poor people. Obama is still selling this snake oil!Fair Share

The minute people believe that they are part of a victimized groupthe rest is easy.

“Vote for me and I’ll fix it!” Then it’s “I need another 4 years to finish the job…”  Sound familiar…?

So for 50+ years voters in Chicago have been drinking the Kool-Aid, voting for politicians who promise free stuff, – paying higher taxes so the city payrolls can bloated with faithful campaign ‘volunteers’, and believing that the pursuit of happiness is just one election away….


Yesterday, May 22nd was the end of the line for 50 of Chicago’s worst schools. The School Board voted them closed. No exact solution was offered for the 49,000 displaced kids.

But faced with a $1 BILLION budget shortfall  [gee, tax revenue is down / welfare recipients don’t pay taxes] there was no choice.

Union president Karen Lewis promised revenge, – she says her union will register 200,000 new voters to push Rahm out of office. You see, in Chicagoland, the God-Father appoints the School board…


If you keep voting for Democrats, – and keep believing that ‘just a little more tax money’ will solve education problems – and you too will have a massive, near-unfixable problem like Detroit and Chicago have today.Free Public Education


3 Responses to “Arne Duncan’s Trash Heap Legacy”

  1. Walter Knight

    A growing list of Democrat cities are asking for a Federal bailout of their irresponsible administrations. It’s all about redistribution of the wealth, no matter what scam crisis Obama addresses.

    Federal bailouts take away any incentive to ballance local budgets. Giving away ‘free stuff’ will be elevated to a massive scale. The only question is how much money can Obama and democrats steal before the next election.

  2. Victor

    Unions are socialist organizations?

    And don’t blame teachers for a generation of idiot students

  3. Casey Chapman

    When will Chicagoans wake up?? Detroit has fallen by the way side, due in large part to the combination of unions and progressive government for 50+ years. The same thing WILL happen in Chicago, because the low information voters there would prefer Santa Claus in the city hall, to real government.