Army Surgeon Invites Court-Martial

Posted April 4th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Once in a rare while comes along a man [or a woman] who refuses to go along with the herd, – who will stand on principle, and risk everything for the truth.  Our Democracy cannot survive without a steady stream of such people.  We should stand with them, – stand proudly with them. 

For my part,  I think the question of where Obama was born is the least of our issues with him.  Oh, for sure it will create a Constitutional crisis in the range of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake if he was born in Kenya.  But I want to know about the rest of his missing papers – high school, college, law school, draft registration, voter registrations, his old passports. 

In 2008 anybody who asked these kinds of questions was braded a racist.  Now as we watch Obama and his goons systematically destroy the fabric and the constitutional underpinnings of our Young Republic, – more and more Americans are beginning to realize they were fooled.  They fell for the slick words of a con artist. 

So the race is on.  How fast can Obama socialize the USA before his beans get spilled and he is exposed as a con artist and fraud?  LTC Lakin’s bold move may inspire some otherwise silent record keepers to come forward.  America needs to know

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Army Surgeon Invites Court-Martial”

  1. dannap

    My children couldn’t play sports in Little League without an ORIGINAL birth certificate . . . couldn’t get into college without OFFICIAL transcripts . . . and couldn’t get a driver’s license without that same certificate of birth. No passport is issued without BC. How on EARTH did this happen, that all of Obama’s records are sealed?

  2. Tom Gilroy

    There has been no official explanation as to why the President’s college transcripts have been sealed. You must ask the question, why would this alleged “smartest, most gifted, silver tongued” President not want to release his transcripts? He should be proud of them, unless of course there is a problem. How can they be sealed ( 3 colleges are involved), when were they sealed and who initiated the request? Can they not be requested under FOIA, he is a public figure. Is there a conspiracy to withhold information from the American people that we have a right to know? Other than LTC Larkin is anyone challenging this travesty?

  3. B Howell has a good column on LTC Larkin, with links to info on his very impressive career.

    I wish him well and every bit of success in his endeavor. We need leaders like this man.

  4. Damien

    This is a lost cause.

    Pelosi and some other high-ranking Democrat signed an affadavit that affirmed the Obama was eligible to be President when he received the nomination.

    The Hawaiian state official (Democrat) swore that Barack’s birth certificate is legit.

    The legal challenges will end there. The courts will not interfere with the Executive branch in that way (unless the question surrounded a Republican President).

    The answer lies with the states. We need one or more Red states to pass laws requiring presidential candidates to prove eligibility to be on that state’s ballot.