Armed BLM Protester Killed In Austin

Posted July 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Don’t mess with Texas!

When you ‘protest’ the wrong issues,  and do so by threatening violence against others (statues, police,  the rich,  – a different race),  – and you’re carrying weapons as part of your protests,…there is an inevitability of death.  It came Saturday night on the streets of Austin Texas.  VIDEO:

Lots and lots of Texans travel ARMED.  It’s fully legal there.  So when an armed fool approached a car stuck in the middle of a BLM march,  brandishing a rifle,  – it seems the driver sent him for a talk with his maker. 

The video doesn’t SHOW the gunfire – you just see the general scene and hear the shots – two volleys.

As we post this early report,  Austin Police haven’t released the info on either the dead protester or the shooter.

You can be sure that the LibTurd Media will paint the protester as the next John Lewis,  and the shooter as a South Texas White Racist….

Unfortunately,  Austin is the MOST LIBERAL CITY in Texas,  so while in other jurisdictions the motorist might have been let go with a handshake,  – in Austin he’ll likely need a lawyer.

RRB Readers should note the sheer hypocrisy of BLM in Austin complaining about police tactics – while they TOTALLY IGNORE the all-too-obvious homeless encampments….

RRB has reported in the past about the extreme left-wing culture of Austin, Texas – odd for Texas as a whole – which is conservative.

Mayor Steve Adler is a Princeton man,  lifelong Democrat – raised in Wash DC,  and has been mayor for 5½ years. 

His legal specialty is “Eminent Domain”,  – he seized private property for government use.

He is clueless about cleaning up the homeless encampments which blight his city.

UPDATE:  Sunday afternoon   And now the predictable sob story:

The dead man is IDed as Garrett Foster who was pushing his fiancee Whitney Mitchell in her wheelchair (she has no arms or legs).

We think she’ll forever question her NEED to be on that street last night.   But she’ll become the next poster child for the anti-gun movement.


3 Responses to “Armed BLM Protester Killed In Austin”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Back to the dead BLM goon:

    1. The driver/shooter probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but…..
    2. The BLM goon got what he asked for.
    3. One less dirt bag to pollute the human gene pool…

  2. panther 6

    I only hope for the sake of the nation that this useful idiot tool of Antifa and BLM does not become another George Floyd. Watch the media paint him as some saint.

  3. Kojack

    This needs to happen about 10k more times. Then maybe, just maybe the USEFULL IDIOTS will start getting the message.

    Now ANTIFA/BLM need to erect a statue in his memory….so it can be defaced and torn down, piece by piece so I can revel in its destruction.