Arlen Specter – And Fade To Black

Posted May 19th, 2010 by Iron Mike

G’Bye Traitor: 

379,755 to 339,898.

Y’see, it wasn’t all about you after all.

Hey, if you’re feeling rejected,  just think how your voters felt back when you switched parties – “to preserve your career“.

2 Responses to “Arlen Specter – And Fade To Black”

  1. dannap

    FABULOUS news! Over here in Delaware, he is “revered.” Hmmm . . . and the media was so sure he would win once again!

  2. Dexter Reisser

    Oh my yet another scandal. For sure this has the signs of one large cover up. Sestak should have just taken the Secretary of the Navy job and shut up. Now he is going to embroil Obama, Rahm, and Bill Clinton. Doesn’t Bill Clinton have prettier things to do that get involved in this Nixonian type of mess? What would Blago do?