Areva Martin ‘Heard’ The Wrong Color?

Posted January 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was untimely – just days before MLK Jr’s birthday – that a Black lawyer being interviewed live on radio – assumed the host who invited her was a white man,  – and promptly accused him of “White Privilege”.

Then – because she’s a well-trained Democrat – she BLAMED the blunder on her staff. 2 videos.

On RRB we’ve spoken in the past about the cadres of race baiters and poverty pimps,  – people who have turned imagined racial grievances into lucrative careers….

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Elijah Cummings and the Obamas come quickly to mind.

They have mastered one single skill – being perpetual victims of some invisible but omnipresent White Subjugation Conspiracy, – that must be fought in the Public Arena on a daily basis….

These professional victims are ~ partially ~ correct, – there IS a conspiracy, – called the Democrat Party,…and they’ve been conned into doing the heavy lifting of blaming Republicans for Black Poverty,  Black Ignorance,  Black unwed mothers,  and Black Murders.

Give her a couple of days to recover,  and we’re pretty sure that Ms. Martin will find a way to blame White Republicans and President Trump for her unfortunate blunder.

This is NOT the OUTCOME that Dr. King risked his life to achieve.


The original radio interview:

Those eight long terrible years – 2009 through 2016 – were horribly destructive to the 50 years of improvement in race relations in America.

Things had gotten so much better that an under-qualified Black man without proper documentation was elected – then re-elected President.

But he turned to be no better than all the other race grievance churning poverty pimps, – and he set about turning back the clock.  

The longer he was in office the less he tried to conceal his contempt for white people.



…that Areva had taken the opportunity to mention how President Trump’s policies have brought back so many JOBS,  – that BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT is at the LOWEST LEVEL in RECORDED HISTORY….

…or that Trump PUSHED the First Step Act,…which will release thousands of young Blacks from long prison sentences…

…or that his push for the WALL will keep illegals from taking entry-level jobs from inner city Black kids….while keeping drugs out…

Sadly, a Black Harvard Lawyer couldn’t see those things…

2 Responses to “Areva Martin ‘Heard’ The Wrong Color?”

  1. panther 6

    Classic example of black racism striking out at a person she thought was white. I listen to David Webb often and find him a fair, honest, very smart commentator who takes on all comers. Areva needs to go back to practicing law and give up trying to be a CNN commentator. Mr. Webb has thrown down the gauntlet to her for a frank discussion of White Privilege. It will be interesting to see if she takes him up on it.

  2. Vince Picarello

    I think we are now in the era of BLACK privilege. It started with Affirmative Action. We need to understand and judge people by their values, morals, etc…not shin color.