Are You Ready To Meet Your Murderer?

Posted October 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

They were on the lam for 5 days, but captured in Virginia; – Joshua A. Hart age 23 and his girlfriend Brittany E. Smith age 27,  ran out of time, money, and freedom in Rockbridge County along Interstate 81.
Now they have to decide which one will get the murder rap,  – and which will be the accessory….
To Thomas Harty – it no longer matters.

Would you have recognized young Josh as a threat?


As you passed him in a store or in a mall,  – would you have noticed him sizing you up for a home invasion?

Predators are everywhere.  There are more of them in bad economic times,  – with so little work available.

If you voted for Obama, – you helped increase the number of desperate young people,…i.e. you increased your danger level.

They come for what they THINK you have,…money,  credit cards,  prescription pain pills,  guns,  jewelry,  – or just your car.

They almost always don’t have a real plan, – so things almost always go wrong – and they get mad and then panic.  A mere robbery can quickly escalate out of control.


At RRB we’ve written about this before.  Even if you’ve spent your entire life hating guns,  – being afraid of guns,  – even loathing guns,  – it’s time to look at your REAL CHOICES.

You ~ may ~ be lucky,  – you may never be targeted…. Keep praying!

Or, you may hear a knock on the door someday – or just the door being kicked in.

You might not get to the phone in time to dial 911 – and the goons may have already cut your phone line.

Are your doors held in place with 3” screws and a dead-bolt?

wasp-and-hornetIs your bedroom door hollow, or solid wood mounted with 3” screws? Your bedroom door needs a dead-bolt!

You need a can of Pepper Spray or at least WASP SPRAY available in EVERY room – (unless you keep a gun in every room).

Understand NOW – while reading this in peace, – that IF IT HAPPENS – you will suddenly be in a life-or-death battle…

probably against someone younger, stronger, – and already an experienced thug.

Pleading for your life will be pointless.

Decide NOW – will you kill to survive;….

or risk being beaten or tortured to death?

If you choose to be an unarmed and helpless VICTIM, – understand you may be condemning your spouse, your pets, your visitors, – even your grandchildren to DEATH!

Once the killing starts,  none may be spared!

Laws vary state-to-state,  even city-to-city thanks to liberals and Democrats.  So do check the local laws, and consult with your local police.  Most departments have an officer assigned who will come to your home and do a security analysis with you.

Ruger 22 LCR w hollow points

And while each home is different,  at RRB we recommend a simple revolver like the Ruger 8-shot .22 with hollow point rounds.  Plenty of close range killing power with less danger of penetrating walls and killing someone in the next room.   AND almost zero recoil for older hands and wrists!

Spend the extra $$ and have your dealer install the Crimson Trace.  It will turn you into Dirty Harry!


And if – Please God – you are never threatened, – never attacked,  – you’ll still breathe easier and sleep better knowing all those years you were ready.

Remember that Jesus didn’t want you to be a victim.   He said “…let him without one sell his cloak and buy a sword.   Luke  22:36

He gave you life,  and it came with the responsibility to safeguard it!


UPDATE:  Friday, 14 Oct 2016   Hart and Smith were in court today for a bail hearing.  No bail.  Seems they had a plan to start a new life,  – because Smith had violated parole by using drugs again….  So they wanted an older car – one without GPS, – so they could drive to another state without being tracked.

Yeah – these two druggies murdered Mr. Harty and slit the throat of his wife – to steal an old car

Do you think the ELECTRIC CHAIR would be fitting…?

UPDATE:   Thurs 10 Nov 2016   Joanna Fisher – 77, died of her injuries at UMass Memorial Medical Center is Worcester.  Now there are TWO murder counts.

5 Responses to “Are You Ready To Meet Your Murderer?”

  1. Jim Gettens

    For the firearms-averse, there is the Kimber Pepper (Gel) Blaster II–cheap through See:

    Get a FEW!

  2. Jim Buba

    I can wait for the claims by their Public-funded attorney that they are the victims of heroin addiction.

  3. Catherine

    I love your suggestion of wasp spray; even the most (IDIOTICALLY) gun-phobic person should be able to handle having wasp spray.

    For those who want resources outside of firearms, I recommend the DVD set on Target Focus Training. Karate won’t help you, boxing or fencing won’t help you. TFT teaches how to cause maximum damage in minimum time with minimal strength.

  4. Mt Woman

    How frightening. I have several friends living in little rural Orange. Recently one took gun training course for the sole purpose of getting a firearm for home defense. I thought he was crazy–I mean, Orange? Predators are everywhere and we shouldn’t excuse them because of their addiction made them do it.

  5. Sherox

    They will come from the cities and the poor towns to more affluent areas such as Cambridge, Boston, Boxford, Marblehead, Swampscott, Harvard, Lincoln, Concord, Lexington, Onset, Mashpee, Yarmouth, Cohassett, Newburyport, Provincetown, Duxbury, Hingham, Great Barrington, Chatham, Andover, etc.
    Do you think those people are prepared or even understand that?