Are Teachers REFUSING To Work Now?

Posted July 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

We keep seeing reports on various news outlets – teachers who ‘are scared’ or worse – refusing to return to the classroom when their various governors and mayors allow schools to reopen.

Some say they “…won’t return until it’s safe!” Really?

Is this sudden interest in ‘safety’ in any way connected to the Presidential Election being held November 3rd….?

Is there a broad plan by Democrats (which includes the Media, Unions, and Teachers) – to use the Coronavirus Pandemic to cripple the US Economy in the run-up to the Election?

Do über-liberals believe that a stagnated American economy (which was roaring in January) with parents now out of work for months and children forced into on-line remote learning will help dementia-riddled Joe Biden beat Trump?

Are teachers really scared of catching the virus,  – or are they going along with orders from their union bosses?

As July turns into August,  Americans in many states are going to finally see what spoiled self-serving cowards and liars union teachers really are.

Which brings up the logical follow-up question:  If they’re so rotten as to screw with kid’s learning and mental health,  – why do they have those jobs,  – and why are we trusting them with our kids?

The good news:  American parents are taking a hard look at home schooling and educational co-ops.  Maybe these Union Teachers will kill their golden goose!

4 Responses to “Are Teachers REFUSING To Work Now?”

  1. Walter Knight

    COVID-19 civil liability protection from Congress or through an executive order from President Trump is needed to open our schools and businesses.

    Teachers refusing to work should be fired. Staying on strike until there are no state cases for 14 days means never reopening the schools. Teachers are going on strike until the election. Rank and file union members won’t get to vote on going back to work. As usual, the union leadership will make that decision for them.

  2. Sum Buddy

    Yeah, how dare they not want to cause a surge in coronavirus cases and possibly die?


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  3. Kojack

    Teachers who refuse to go back to work should suffer the same fate as the striking air traffic controllers during the Reagan administration.

    As a result of the non-stop unjustified fear mongering we’ve been subjected to for the past 5 months, we will continue to see MORONS driving alone in their vehicles with the windows rolled up while wearing their masks.

  4. G8rh8r

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