Are American Women Really This Stupid?

Posted October 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Or does the Boston Herald just assume they are?   Recent editorials and puff pieces suggest Democrats are ‘torn’ between Hillary [who they assume is ‘entitled to run’],  and the newest political darling of Progressive WomanhoodSenator Squaw.
 2016 Democratic ticket
The alleged angst among Democrats is that Hillary is seen as ‘too moderate’, – while Lyin’ Lizzy gets credit for being totally left-wing 

Maybe it’s just that I’ve been hangin’ this past decade with Real Red-Blooded Republican Women – but I get no sense of welcoming for either MoonBat…

Are there really American women so determined to have a woman president that they’d willing cap the 8 worst years in our history with either of these two?

Have we really sunk to an American Idol mentality?  

Have American women really forgotten Benghazi, – or did they never pay attention?  Lies unon lies

3 Responses to “Are American Women Really This Stupid?”

  1. Tom

    In my opinion, the progressive mentality see nothing wrong with the imperial Obama reign and they long for the first woman President. It does not matter if that woman for the foreign policy blunders in Cairo and Benghazi and their consequential deaths. On the other hand Lizzy Warren is a media darling, a phony Cherokee but either of these two Marxist mommas would be embraced by many woman and many of the Marxist wussified males and those with male guilt. The Republicans had better be wary of the distaff destruction that will overtake the country prior to the next Presidential election.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I suppose that Ms. Warren would be more entertaining. Especially since I know that Hillary is under the thumb of George Soros. Liz may be as well, but I haven’t heard about it if she is. Progressives vote with their emotions, not their brains. If only we could kick their malfunctioning brains into gear.

  3. Stephanie Davis

    You’re Really Being Taken Into The Inner Sanctum Of The Liberal Mind. There, Anything Is Possible.