Appalling Level Of FBI Corruption

Posted December 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The wisdom, insight, and calm voice of Newt Gingrich – always worth a listen!

Have your kids and grand-kids pay attention.   What’s taking place is a titanic struggle between Absolute POWER – and the Rule of Law.

7 Responses to “Appalling Level Of FBI Corruption”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Yeah, yeah,

    The wheels of justice grind slowly — but when they grind over you — you’re dust.

    Trump has only so much patience. He has the constitutional right to finally SHUT DOWN these criminals, replace Sessions, and have the new Attorney General PROSECUTE the Clinton, Lynch, Comey and MUELLER
    types until they are behind bars.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Peter S

    But Len, replace with whom? The President’s replacements are worse than the originals. He’s getting terrible advice, and seems not to question the generals.

    We met with Jessica Vaughan this weekend and Jessica is very dubious about Kirstjen Nielsen for DHS.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Let there be NO mistake about it: Mueller is a corrupt, bullying PRICK who, through his picks, has constituted MUELLER’S ASS-DEEP IN THE URANIUM ONE/FUSION GPS COVER-UP TEAM now attempting to stage a partisan soft coup against President Trump.

    Mueller’s egotistical viciousness is on FULL DISPLAY in the choice of despicable, corrupt, and ethically bankrupt Andrew Weissmann as his No. 2. Yeah, he’s No.2 alright–he’s an ABSOLUTE PIECE OF SHIT!

    He is one of the most abusive, morally bankrupt federal prosecutors of all time AND faced misconduct charges as a former FBI Deputy Director. Weissmann would be right at home in the Gestapo, NKVD, or KGB. It is he who ordered the July 2017 pre-dawn raid–by TWELVE armed FBI PUSSIES–of the Manaforts’ home. Those FBI PUSSIES gaining entry by picking a door lock–not knocking–even though the Manaforts presented no danger and no flight risk. They frisked Mrs. Manafort while she was still in bed. This domestic terrorism perpetrated by t Weissmann, a SUPREME PRICK.

    Check this out:

    Weissmann is a featured thug in the book “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.”
    Mueller knew all this when he picked Weissmann for his Team of partisan hacks. Weissmann is no less evil than bent FBI Agent Strzok, another Mueller double-dealing pick.

    As you know, all bullies are PUSSIES and, therefore, Weissmann is a PUSSY Supreme.

    He attended Shrillary Clinton’s premature/aborted 2016 election night party. I assume that he’s one of the candy-asses who cried at the announcement that Trump won.

  4. Jim Gettens

    NOTE: Weissmann is a PUSSY and a PRICK at the same time. Not many can claim that dubious distinction.

  5. Jim Gettens

    A brief history of the always-dirty FBI:

  6. Jim Gettens



  7. Clinton ma tea party

    There is a been a lot of evidence out that are AG sessions is involved in the Iranian 1 Scandal also that’s why he will not go balls-to-the-wall against Hillary Obama Clinton’s bushes Schultz ect.