Anybody Wanna Hire Julie Briskman?

Posted November 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

You see Julie – your little ‘birdie’ is protected free speech.   But when you take certain jobs – that contract you sign with your employer,  – which may contain provisions about your public behavior and image,  – is a condition of your voluntary employment.   Live and learn. 

UPDATE:   Sat 15 Sept 2018   Per Fox News,  Juli Briskman will seek to unseat Suzanne M. Volpe, a Republican who represents the Algonkian District on the Loudoun County Virginia Board of Supervisors, in the 2019 election.


28 Responses to “Anybody Wanna Hire Julie Briskman?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    If Ms Briskman’s employer does his or her job correctly and does the right thing, unemployment insurance won’t start payments immediately, either.

    It’s too bad (a) Kaepernick and the rest of those NFL cry babies couldn’t have been taught this lesson, as their employee handbook has a similar provision, and (b) the NFL didn’t have the cajones to enforce it…..

  2. Mt Woman

    She wasn’t fired because of her gesture, she was fired because she utterly lacks CLASS!! Anyone who can so quickly react and gestures so quickly as cars pass by, demonstrates that this is exactly who she is–part of her personality. I am so blessed that my parents and family taught me well!!

  3. Denise

    My company has jobs in the DC area. I’ll be glad to review your resume and see if we can place you.



    You forgot your contact info….shall I add it?

    /s/ Iron Mike

  4. lynn taylor

    It takes a woman to tell it like it is. Nice going Julie and Denise, give her a job!

  5. steve huntley

    hey briskman..
    you live in the best country so far in the world..if you don’t like trump..get over it…he won/….live with it…you acted like the asshole libber you are…displaying a piss and moan mentality…if you have a problem..get out of this country..stupid ass narrow minded cunt.

  6. VincE marinello

    Lol. Shows how stupid the.left really is. Overwhelmed with hate

  7. miguel carterez

    denise,,, what company u work for exactly?


    Denise, – looks like folks are interested…

    Want to post your contact info, – or let me do it?

    /s/ Iron Mike

  8. Integrity 1st

    Laughin’ and laughin’ at Julie, Denise, and Lynn. All clearly very classless, so like Hillary. THANK GOD she/they all lost, and integrity won 🙂

  9. Kojack

    It sounds like Julie, Denise and Lynn prefer the excessive, blatant corruption, monumental incompetence, open borders, accumulation of massive debt, racism and economic flat-lining of the OBYSMAL administration.

    They must also have approved of being described by the DEMOCRAPS as only being concerned with abortion and birth control which MAKES THE 3 OF THEM NOTHING MORE THAN VAGINAS.

    Here are two birdies for you 3 LOSERS.

  10. Ben

    Quite amusing. I guarantee that had Clinton won, everyone here griping about getting over it and being classless would be the ones in this photo flipping off Clinton.. Also Steve, your language is the definition of “Classless” and reflects pretty poorly on your assumingly low I.Q. Try talking like a dignified member of society.

  11. Trumpster

    Political Karma! And you are right all, Julie Briskman is classless. The Democrats continue to display sour grapes even after a year since President Trump was elected.


  12. James Sielicki

    Julie B. Consider this post a flip off to YOU and your libtard ideas. Have fun in the unemployment line. Have a long uncomfortable stay.

  13. Jay Tipton

    I think she should be put on the database for not being able to buy a gun if she is so upset over Trump winning the presidency and she cannot handle it then she must be psychotic to flip off the president of the United States of America. I would never hire her she would have to go out and mow yards the rest of her life.

  14. Darren Eatein

    What a loser! So disrespectful, if you agree or disagree… it’s beside the point, HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Great comment Jay Tipton…right on point. This is a 50 year old MOTHER, wow… no wonder what’s wrong in the world and our kids when you have parents that think this is acceptable and she thinks she is “hero”? Total loser! She should be put on a list alright and maybe children and family services should visit her too. We DO NOT need more anger, violence, and disrespect in our country. What is this lady teaching her children?? I’m a Vet and conduct investigations and security for 25+ years… no way would I hire her. She shouldn’t be able to claim unemployment too, she was fired. God bless America!! God bless our President, Donald Trump and family.

  15. Rick

    Jack in the Box needs a toilet cleaner

  16. Maria

    Most of what I’d like to say has already been well said. So, I just like to point out that I’m pretty sure deep down inside, she truly does regret what she’s done. However, I don’t think she’ll ever admit it, too much pride of which just cost her big time. In due time, she’ll be missing that paycheck when there’s no food, bills overdue while falling behind in rent/mortgage.

  17. Jordan

    She deserved to be fired. If a restaurant employee was on or off work, and dining in the restaurant they worked, and any group leaving after a business luncheon, and a restaurant employee flipped off the patrons as they were leaving the place of business, the employee would rightfully be fired. She just proved the very reason her boss was not fired, because she was being such as that kind of asshole. Employers do not want people like her working for them that blatantly make direct rude gestures at their patrons. If when anyone riding in that motorcade had stuck out their arm at her and flipped her off, especially the president, she would be pitching a fit, not calling it freedom of speech.

  18. Jennifer Stoff

    You are claming Julie deserves to be fired. Her company fired her saying she violated their policy regarding social media. Please explain why her colleague callled someone “a fucking libtard asshole” ON FACEBOOK where the name of the company was listed and he wasn’t fired. He was allowed to take down the posting.

    In Julie’s case the name of the company she worked for was not listed.

    Why the double standard?


    As an old man with many years in business Jennifer, I’m guessing that Julie’s birdie was the final straw in the employment of a carping pain-in-the-neck Hillary fan….

    Just a guess mind you, – but her statements about wanting her next job to be with Planned Parenthood or PETA – means she’s more interested in dead babies and animals than the future of our Nation!

    /s/ Iron Mike

  19. Kojack


    What’s amusing is the elitist, hypocritical bloviating of liberals.

    Just to put things in context, DEMOCRAPS officially started classless behavior and more importantly, broke with the American tradition of the peaceful transfer of power when they boycotted PRESIDENT TRUMP’S inauguration and called for his impeachment even BEFORE he was in office. Those calls continue even now in spite of no impeachable offenses being committed, unlike Obama, who had a new scandal and cover-up nearly every week of his 2 terms even going to the extent of declaring executive privilege in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal to cover for his corrupt AG who was charged with contempt of congress.

    We are tired of your double standards, Ben, and the behavior of your side is beyond classless; it is OUTRAGEOUS and now even violent (i.e. Antifa, Hodgekinson shooting Steve Scalise, UC Berkely, etc.) and no longer deserves a dignified response.

    The definition of classless is Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green calling for impeachment because the American people rejected a candidate more corrupt and despicable than Al Capone, Frederica Wilson in her trademark clown hat DISGRACEFULLY politicizing the death of a special ops soldier for the same reason, and yes, some lib-TURD vagina flipping off a presidential motorcade.

    Sometimes justified outrage super-cedes decorum which has nothing to do with IQ. You need to get over yourself and then, MAYBE, you can become a POSITIVE force in society.

  20. Kathy

    Julie, private sector employers have the right to action as they see fit as long as it does not actually violate a protected right. If an employee calls some random person a vulgar name on the internet and select people see it and then he/she deletes it, it doesn’t make it to HuffPost. When an employee posts a vulgar gesture made at the sitting POTUS, be it Obama or Trump, and makes it a public post, that is a horse of a different color, so to speak. You don’t like that we can weigh an employee’s value against their liability to our revenues and/or reputation? Fine. Start signing the front of a paycheck instead of the back and then come back here and tell me anything goes- as long as you FEEEEEL good about it. False equivalence, of course. Something today’s left excels at.

  21. Tony

    Guys, please just look at Trump’s behavior. Take a step back and reconsider. Do you want this guy to represent the US to the world?? It’s gonna be bad for everyone in the long term.


    Actually Tony, I’m just DELIGHTED with Trump’s ‘behavior’. He puts AMERICA and AMERICANS first….

    You on the other hand sound a little pussified and unsure of yourself.

    So please be more BLUNT: Did you want the crooked traitor Hillary as our president? If so, – WHY?

  22. Nanee

    Republicans above are so vulgar with their language, not a very educated group. People are upset with our first President who is not a Christian, who lost the popular vote, and has given us the Third Lady. As a Christian, I take a knee often to pray, and now will do so with the NFL. We need to pray for this country as the gun toting people are shooting people massively each week. Country is more racists than ever, and Hillary was right, this blog is loaded with deplorables.

    Cannot wait when all the deplorables go down with the Russians!

  23. trumpster

    You’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. I suggest all you Democrats, “GET OVER IT.” You lost. It’s over. Bitterness causes wrinkles.


  24. Kojack

    NINNY – you win the MORON OF THE DAY AWARD! I wear the deplorable title as a badge of honor.

    BTW – PRESIDENT TRUMP will be re-elected with MORE ELECTORAL VOTES than in 2016 SO GET USED TO IT.

  25. Chris

    What a fine example she is to her children. I am certain she is proud of her actions. I praise Akima for taking a stand….Roger Goodall, you’re in the batters deck.

  26. Natalie

    Just saw her on Megyn Kelly from Today. They give her a platform to condone her utter, disgraceful disrespect, wouldn’t be able to do that in some other countries. This is what’s contributing to the divide in this country, you think you are so Righteous and because you have a different opinion. He was voted by the people from this free country. This is not a dictatorship where people do not have the right to have different beliefs. People who voted for him were and are being shamed can’t even discuss in public! There is a reason why he was elected, time to take off your rose-colored glasses and understand why. Hillary is not Mother Teresa by far. The Clinton foundation, her lies and coverups, what was just confirmed about DNC favoring her over Bernie is disgusting taking money from lobbyists from the Middle East they treat their women Inhumane her philander husband who was impeached; people were sick of the bureaucracy and business as usual, countless mistakes lack of leadership in the past, Reason why Democrats voted him in and he turned blue states red, get over yourself great example

  27. Michael Scott Singh

    A mother of two but with no husband I take it. She flips off America with the President’s motorcade because he represents us, then goes on on TV with saying she enjoyed it. What an example for success. Our Country was left in ruins with our last administration and we finally have a President to bail us out, – now this.

  28. Melinda

    Ms. Briskman is what is considered low bred from my neck of the woods which is not pedigree but based on behavior.
    It is undignified behavior especially for an older gal.
    Politics is not everything.