Anybody At Wayland High See This Coming?

Posted July 5th, 2011 by Iron Mike

“…a gaping, significant and horrific wound to her neck.”

She was headed to Elon College, – he was headed to Trinity.

She’ll be buried – but not forgotten.

He’ll be tried for murder. He has an experienced and clever defense attorney.  But the pile of bloody clothing in his garage will prove damning.

He’ll do time.  Despite that ‘ gaping, significant and horrific wound to her neck‘ – some will want to ‘consider his age’ – and look for reasons to let him off lightly.

Then he’ll want a new trial in a few years.

Neil Entwistle just popped back on the radar screen. He wants a new trial for the 2006 murder of his wife and daughter.

He was distraught because he’d spent a fortune on porn. So he borrowed his father-in-law’s pistol – and shot his wife and daughter at point-blank range as they lay in bed. And fled to England. New trial?

QUESTION: Would the DEATH PENALTY be a deterrent?

How many more of our gentle citizens must be heaped upon the altar of liberalism before our citizenry rise up and demand the death penalty?

Look down upon us Lauren – God’s new angel – and pray for us. You deserved a better and wiser government.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE  7 March 2013:  Jury on Day 2:  “…guilty of first-degree murder with premeditation and extreme atrocity“…in the death of  Lauren Astley.

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