Any Ukrainian or Chinese Babies Hunter?

Posted November 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

That Biden Boy has a real ‘Need to Breed’!
He’s traveled the World with his corrupt daddy – gladly taking foreign money for access to the Oval Office….
Has he left any little souvenirs behind…?

Kathleen (wife+ 3 kids),..Ashley Madison (dating service),…Hallie (widowed sister-in-law),..Lunden (Arkansas loved one),..Melissa (new bride),…any more Hunter?  

Why hasn’t the left-wing media been all over this…?

What are the Bidens going to talk about at their Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings?

Oatmeal – Ukrainian gas pipelines – Chinese Hedge Funds – DNA testing – attorney fees – Arkansas Family Courts – child support – another 529 to fund – Daddy’s presidential campaign…?

2 Responses to “Any Ukrainian or Chinese Babies Hunter?”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    “You better watch out…You better not cry…I am telling you why Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to join the DNC presidential race be scared” Joe going to have to take a side step. But old Joe has done a great. Job getting all the bad news off of what Hillary has been doing and changed the news narrative to be on Joe Hunter and Ukraine not Hillary’s crime spree”


    Fear NOT! We have oodles of left-over 2016 material ready to publish! Bring on the evil arthritic bitch, her pedophile hubby, and her con-artist daughter!

  2. kojack

    “What are the Bidens going to talk about at their Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings?”

    It will be a good way for Melissa to found out if the $$$ is worth what she’s gotten herself into.