Any Bets On Who Started This?

Posted April 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – begun in 1163, burns….

No matter what the French find, they’ll take great pains to bury the facts!

10 Responses to “Any Bets On Who Started This?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Something happened at some building in Paris.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Awe jeez…. The “somebody” types who took down the World Trade Center and crashed into a PA field wouldn’t dare have done “something” like this. After all, they are peace loving… And Macron, naturally, wouldn’t point a finger even if faced with irrefutable proof.

    But with the French being the French, and they being already pissed off for being taxed enough already to give “somebody” homes and welfare benefits, watch for retribution to be around the bend, if the lame stream media even covers it….

  3. FLICK

    Just a hunch…

  4. Varvara

    80 Cathedrals have been attacked since the beginning of the year. On the average 3 churches are attacked every day in Europe. Crosses are covered at grave sites so they don’t upset people walking by. Some graves have been vandalized.

  5. panther 6

    It is my considered opinion that the French will hide whatever facts are uncovered. It will be chalked up as an accident in the remodeling. The question that one might want to ask is how many muslim workers were present near where the fire started? Hopefully they can at least determine that. A terror attack vice an accident? Doubt we will ever know.

    If Varvara is right and 80 cathedrals have been attacked since 1 Jan we in the west should all be paying a lot more attention.

  6. Catherine

    Construction Workers (and the french media) are confirming that NO workers were on-scene today. Yet there is a video clearly showing SOMEONE on the scaffolding, dressed as a construction worker, a half hour AFTER the fire began.

  7. Sherox

    I read a link on Clinton MA Teaparty’s page: citing that over EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE churches have been attacked. The official party line is a joke. I can’t remember where I read yesterday, but I read that it took 2 hours for the Paris FD to begin to put out the fire. If that is true, then what the **** were they doing!?

  8. Kojack

    Hhhmmmm…..ISIS vowing to destroy Notre Dame Cathedral, churches under attack recently, fire starting after nobody had been working for hours in an area the fire hoses couldn’t reach, mUSLIMS chanting Allah Hu Akbar while the fire was burning……no, nothing to see here folks.

    What a tragic loss of history and culture, not only for France but for the west and all of Christianity.

    I say it’s LONG PAST time to get even. HOW ABOUT BLOWING UP THE DOME OF THE ROCK?

  9. Kojack

    Sorry for the double comment but I forgot a couple of things:

    1. After 8 CENTURIES a fire burns down the cathedral the Monday before Good Friday in a time where France is packed with practitioners of the “religion of peace”.


  10. Walter Knight

    UPDATE: French investigators trace cause of Notre Dame fire to cathedral’s outdated 12th Century electrical system.

    Jeez Walter, – you’ll give them ideas…..