AntiFA Goon Swarms This Saturday?

Posted November 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Depending on where you live (see map below the fold) you should adjust your travel plans Saturday to avoid the 21st Century version of Hitler’s SA thugs – the Sturmabteilung.

Some people never learn from History; – others don’t want to.

Adolf Hitler may not have invented the tactic of using goon squads to intimidate political opposition,  – but during the 1920s and 1930s in Germany his goons pretty much perfected the tactics.

Today George Soros – – who last year probably thought he was about to rule America through his puppet president Hillary, – has resorted to funding and directing (by remote control) the various alt-left AntiFA forces across the country.  

The old Nazi really hates our Constitutional Republic!

It would be a mistake to give too much credence to the AntiFA cannon fodder in the streets this weekend.   Yes, they ARE DANGEROUS,  – and they’ll be glad to bash in your skull….but they are still a small movement…..

.they haven’t found the charismatic leader they need to rally mass support.

BUT,  – given the BILLION$ that Soros can spend to fund them,  and to hire goons for their various street actions,….it would be a mistake to under-estimate them.

Somewhere a state attorney general needs to start a prosecution of their leaders,  – and work up the food chain to Soros.

Sadly,  it seems that our US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is afraid to take on the big crooks and the big traitors…

Just be careful where you go Saturday,  and carry your pistols!

As for the future of the AntiFA, – – they might be concerned – – if they’d studied any History in high school.

When the Sturmabteilung goons had outlived their usefulness to Hitler,  – he had all their leaders killed – in one single night!

3 Responses to “AntiFA Goon Swarms This Saturday?”

  1. dav2149

    Not to worry – after all, there are signs everywhere saying “Hate has no home here.” That’ll take care of it, I’m “sure”, or maybe..

  2. Sherox

    Where is Trump on stopping Soros? The funding of these people has to be stopped and then much will stop. No fun if you aren’t getting paid.

  3. Kojack

    Fortunately, THE COLD WEATHER WILL MELT THE ANTI-AMERICAN ANTIFA FASCIST-WANNABE SNOWFLAKES in the same way that it stopped the OCCUPUKES because many of the same LOSERS are involved with it.

    As Winston Churchill said “If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.” These USEFULL IDIOT DIP-SHITS are not really committed. They have no resolve. They just think it’s fun to cause mischief and when the going gets rough, they will all run.