Anti Earth Hour

Posted March 25th, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

You’ve probably seen the emails being distributed exhorting us to turn off our lights OFF tomorrow evening. All in the interests of conservation.  Well, once again, they have failed to indicate true intentions.

Turning off your lights means:

  • Burglars have a virtual free pass to your home and property.
  • Power companies will lose significant revenue… probably causing layoffs of many, many workers (is this tiny demonstration worth increasing the unemployment rate?).
  • The home accident rate will increase due to improper lighting in the home… how many more will trip and fall?
  • This will also increase the use of our hospital emergency rooms, making our health care costs rise even further.
  • Turning off fluroscent fixtures for a period of time has the opposite effect when they’re turned back on as it takes 3 times the power to start up such a light as to run it for an hour.

So, let’s participate in anti-Earth Hour… turn on all your lights… think of the jobs you’ll be “saving” (a PresO stattstic) and the crime you’ll be preventing.

If you can, drive by Al Gore’s house… and see if he’s participating.  With your car lights off, of course.  🙂  rr

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