Anthony Weiner’s Laptop – The Plot Sickens…

Posted November 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

No matter who wins on Tuesday, – Americans will surely be sickened by things that the NYPD and the FBI end up revealing over these coming weeks and months.
For Weiner, Abedin, and the Clintons – even a Presidential Pardon from Obama may not save them from Felony Charges in NY City.
There are three possibilities as we wake up Wednesday morning:

ONE:   Trump will have won a clear victory,  Hillary will have been soundly defeated,  – and to save her [and thus himself] from eventual charges of TREASON,  – Obama will give her – and maybe Bill,  – a Presidential Pardon



TWO:  or – Hillary will have squeaked out a victory,  Trump goes back to New York,  – and with Hillary the President-Elect,  Obama issues her a Presidential Pardon

BUT:  Obama can only pardon her for FEDERAL CRIMES and TREASON,  – not state charges…..

AND:  He cannot pardon everyone in her crime cartel without placing a historic cloud over his whole 8 years in office.

You can be CERTAIN that if Hillary takes office, – there will be HUGE BONFIRES at the State Department, the Justice Department, and the FBI.   ALL the evidence will go up in smoke.

Then witnesses will start dying in ‘terrible accidents’ and ‘tragic suicides’.

So a Hillary win Tuesday could easily see the inauguration of the First Pardoned Federal Criminal who is by-the-way...a Woman,  ….who with her husband and close associates is still facing felony charges in New York.

THREE:   The THIRD POSSIBILITY is a tediously contested election rife with charges of Democrat fraud in many counties and many states – with court cases all moving rapidly to the 8-member Supreme Court, and the Electoral College thrown into a turmoil – even as more criminal charges and evidence is either leaked or made public.

Meanwhile, there are several reports that both Weiner and Abedin – fearing jail over child pornography and child rape charges (from evidence on that laptop) have begun co-operating with NY City cops and the FBI, – singing like canaries….

Doesn’t Weiner look spiffy astride a horse a he goes through ‘therapy’ for his sex addiction…?


 Is that covered by his Congressional Retiree Health Plan?

Here are a few thoughts from Bill Still.   He has a theory about that computer:



Democrats have a very cavalier attitude toward kids,  sex,  and treason.  That’s exactly why so many MoonBat women are so loyal to Hillary.

But all the sleaze and corruption aside,  the REAL ISSUE is Hillary’s terrible judgment and her horrible values,  – either as a wife,   – a mother, – a woman, – or as trusted public servant.

That she would EVER trust a woman like Huma,  – with a husband like Weiner,  – reveals that Hillary just can’t think straight!

2 Responses to “Anthony Weiner’s Laptop – The Plot Sickens…”

  1. Varvara

    Good grief Charlie Brown! Is this the USA or is this Europe?

  2. De Rabbit

    Alice Alice — What the heck is going on? I pop up out of the Hole. The world is crazy.

    I read about corruption, blood spirit cooking, Pedophile Island, Devil worshiping, demonic rituals with kids, the Farm parties w rituals and sacrifices with plenty of human flesh, semen, and blood for drinking, a woman offering her kids for hot tub parties age 7, 9 & 11, human trafficking of children, corruption, money laundering and the more mild issue of nuclear war with Russia.

    Hell Alice back in the rabbit hole for me. It is flipping crazy up here.

    Folks we have to pray that Trump wins because after reading Podesta’s emails – We not only have to Drain the swamp- We have to clean up the entire Washington Elites .