Another Willing Trump-Hater At The Times

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

…you have to give the subscribers…what they want…”
James O’Keefe strikes closer to the mother lode….

The Times is no longer a newspaper.   It has morphed into a left-wing propaganda arm of the Democrat (Socialist) Party,  – which makes money feeding the propaganda cravings of their left-wing subscribers….

2 Responses to “Another Willing Trump-Hater At The Times”

  1. Vic

    I believe Pravda was more honest than the New York Times. They left no question what they were about. Right on the top of the front page it said, “Propaganda Organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” for all to see.

  2. Leonard Mead


    Many conservatives believe the MEDIA such as the NY Times, ABC/NBC/MSNBC, etc is dictating TO the democrats how to de-throne Trump.

    Elected democrats are toothless. They can’t do anything to stop implementing Trump’s campaign promises if only the RINOs finally vote conservative.

    The MSM (lame-stream media) actually makes money feeding liberals’ fantasies and guiding them. Elected liberals just embarrass themselves further with their obstruction and “no solution” positions.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Apollo Beach, FL