Another Soft Target Attacked

Posted March 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

I find it way too easy to dismiss the twisted workings of Albert Wong to PTSD.  There’s something else at play.

Did his tour in Afghanistan cause him to go over to the other side?  Is he another Nichols or McVeigh?


Watch and wait for the details which will not be forthcoming.  “Privacy” you know,  – even a dead killer is entitled to ‘privacy’.

But in typical Taliban fashion he attacked a soft target – selected young women for murder – and most likely killed himself in the end.  Did he expect them to serve him in paradise?


I think WE’RE ENTITLED – to ANSWERS,…but we won’t get them.  

And the VA won’t add armed guards to their hospitals.

And Democrats will somehow blame these murders on GUNS.

WHO is the more insane,  the killer,  – or the Democrats?

4 Responses to “Another Soft Target Attacked”

  1. Catherine

    The dhimmicrats, surely. This guy likely turned OR was worked on by MKULTRA tactics.

    It’s all part of the globalist plot to destroy this country. First they MUST disarm the people, and they don’t give a damn (literally) how many innocent people die to fulfill their plans. After all, didn’t the FBI’s Weather Underground infiltrator (Larry G-something; forget his name) say that WU figured it would take 25 MILLION dead to really establish their system?

  2. Walter Knight

    Rather than staging, a police officer immediately entered the hospital and exchanged shots with the Wong, saving many lives.

  3. Sherox

    All of these mass shootings by the mentally ill should go back to the aiding and abetting of people like Mike Dukakis and the ACLU who tossed the mentally ill out on the streets. Some compassion for those who are weak. Because the ACLU and the corrupt courts have allowed them out to walk the streets, people are getting murdered. The ACLU should be sued by the victims for their part in the murders.

  4. Kojack

    Agree with Sherox. I would so love to see a ginormous class action suit totally bankrupt the ACLU perpetrators.