Another Schoolhouse Mass Murder

Posted July 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

29 kids shot – some buried alive. Will liberals demand new gun laws?Mamudo Murders

Yeah, it was far away from here – a tiny hamlet on the southern edge of the Sahara – Mamudo, Nigeria. Black Islamic savages – the Boko Haram – a nasty group steeped in the idea that Western education is a sin – attacked as they always do – helpless sleeping children in a school.

One teacher was killed, another badly wounded, and 29 kids shot – then buried – some still alive.

Nigerian Oil

The government of Nigeria is poor – and despite a pretty good revenue from oil, – they’re up to their eyeballs in pirates and these Boko Haram murderers.
Boko Haram

Drilling platforms, tankers, and pipelines are routinely attacked along the coast.  Inland, forks are very much on their own.  So the cowards, – illiterate goons steeped in 7th Century Islam and a hatred of anything white – come and kill the defenseless at night.  This is the way it has been for 1400 years.


First and last, – do NOT rely on ‘government’ to protect you. 

BeheadAny government ~ even ours ~ can only do so much, – be just so many places at once, preempt just so many attacks.


Fail to plan, – fail to prepare, – fail to arm yourselves, – and you are likely to be butchered.  Goons are everywhere. 

And…if you’re a ‘non-believer’ – you know what Islam has in store for you!Makes them laugh

3 Responses to “Another Schoolhouse Mass Murder”

  1. Tom

    Where is the media outcry? What have we heard from Obama, Kerry or the “Justice Twins”? When will the world understand that these islamofacsists intent to kill all infidels!

  2. Casey Chapman

    This massacre doesn’t fit in with their agenda, therefore, they did not report it.

  3. Walter Knight

    And yet, human rights organizations will be upset when the Nigerian army and families of these children take extra-judicial revenge on these murderers. Jury trials don’t work against terrorist armies.

    I don’t have a problem gunning them down in the street.